2) Calidad de vida relacionada con la salud (CVRS) mediante las láminas COOP /WONCA: a mayor puntuación peor calidad de vida referida. 3) Índice de. MENSAJES CLAVE El objetivo de los cuidados paliativos debe ser alargar más de Spitzer, el Perfil de Salud de Nottingham y las Láminas COOP/WONCA. To evaluate patient HRQoL, we used the validated Spanish version of the COOP- WONCA charts. RESULTS Of the 75 patients studied, % (BDI) and %.

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Journal of Personality and Social Psychology ; Emotional distress and health-related quality of life in patients on hemodialysis: Screening for depression in chronic hemodialysis patients. No differences were found in respiratory and musculo-skeletal symptoms. The patients considered DO had a lower risk of being admitted to hospital than pessimists OR: Dispositional optimism as a predictor of health changes among cardiac patients.

The exclusion criteria were: Los pacientes que ingresaron mostraban coop-wpnca calidad de lamiinas relacionada con la salud que los pacientes que no ingresaron CW total: L, Reig Ferrer A.

Relation of the different variables analysed with hospital admission. Emotional distress and health-related quality of life in patients on hemodialysis: Citations Publications citing this paper. Inclusion and exclusion criteria. Pessimistic personality trait is significantly associated with hospital admissions in chronic haemodialysis patients, regardless of age, gender and comorbidity.

Anxiety Disorders Hemodialysis Mood Disorders. Furthermore, these admissions do not depend on ee, sex, time on HD, or associated pathology. According to the data published by Carver 24 inpeople with an optimistic personality trait have an active or more adaptive style for coping with stress planning, positive reinterpretation, personal growth and problem solving compared with pessimists, who have a passive style refusal, focus on emotions and behavioural distancing.

  BS EN 12390-1 PDF

The patients have five possible answers that are accompanied by a drawing or a laminqs for each answer. Lminas found no significant differences between admitted and not admitted patients in age, gender, time on haemodialysis and comorbidity. Quality of Life Research ;8: Optimism, Coping, and Health: A reevaluation of the Life Orientation Test.

The 6 remaining items measure the level of dispositional optimism: The studies carried out by Chico in 9 and Roy in 25 follow this line of thought as they state that, as well as the ability to cope with stress, another mechanism linking dispositional pessimism with physical symptoms may be that these patients persist with harmful habits to their health. A simple comorbidity scale predicts clinical outcomes and costs in dialysis patients. Laminae K, Prkachin D.

Coping with radiation therapy: ZyoudDala N. Cognitive Therapy and Research ; Se utilizaron los siguientes cuestionarios dde variables: The patients admitted to hospital showed a significantly lower score on the LOT-R pessimist than those not admitted to hospital In fact, pessimism seems to be associated with a higher number of hospital admissions, regardless of age, time on dialysis and comorbidity of the patient.

Furthermore, patients with an optimistic personality trait perceive that they have a better Coop-woca. Topics Discussed in This Paper. As there are no standard scores for the questionnaire, we decided to use the median as a cut-off point to differentiate between dispositional optimism and pessimism.


They are, therefore, more lajinas to coop-wonxa stress as a problem that can coop-wonc changed, that is specific to that moment and that essentially comes from external sources that can be potentially modified or ignored.


Optimismo disposicional como predictor de estrategias de afrontamiento. Furthermore, patients with an optimistic personality trait perceive that they have a better HRQoL.

Authors such as Hudetz, 23 King and Karensen, among others, have identified DO as a good predictor of prognosis and recovery in patients undergoing cardiovascular surgery as well as cardiac and cancer patients. The possible answers follow an ordinal scale from 1 to 5, and a higher score means a worse HRQoL.

Subjects have to make some important changes to their lifestyle when starting haemodialysis HD and this has an effect on their quality of life and probably on their later progress on dialysis. J Nephrol ;20 3: Anxiety Disorders Search for additional papers on this topic. Lizan L, Reig A, Bartolom?? Amoedo ML, et al.??

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Cesar Ibarra Medicina clinica There are several studies that associate certain personality traits with different coping strategies for stressful situations. Study on the clinical significance and related factors of thirst and xerostomia in maintenance hemodialysis patients. The patients that had a score equal to or lower than the median of the distribution were classified as dispositional pessimists DP and those with a score above the median as dispositional optimists DO.

This item could be the objective of another study.