Labor Law Codal Law Books by Rex Book Store. Labor Code of the Philippines: Presidential Decree No. , as Amended, Full- service law firm in the Philippines with worldwide affiliates. Visit CHAN ROBLES . Name of Decree. – This Decree shall be known as the “Labor Code of the Philippines”. ARTICLE 2. Date of effectivity. – This Code shall take effect six (6) months.

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Provided, That if the new disability is related to the previous disability, the System shall be liable only for the difference in income benefits. Foreign service role and participation. Who Laborr Employ Apprentices. The total cost of the land, including interest at the rate of six 6 per centum per annum, shall be paid by the tenant in fifteen 15 equal amortizations. De c laratio n o f Basic Po lic y. Whe n Emp lo yab le. Each of the members shall receive an annual salary of thirty-six thousand pesos P Emergency medical and dental services.

Co unc il Lanor c re tariat. To fail to file reports on the status of labbor, placement vacancies, remittance of foreign exchange earnings, separation from jobs, departures and such other matters or information as may be required by the Secretary of Labor. Transfe r o f Land s to Te nant-Wo rke rs.

The fe e so co lle cte d shall b e fode po site d in the natio nal tre asury to the cre dit o f the o ccupatio nal safe ty and he alth fund and shall b e e xpe nde d e xclusive ly fo r the administratio n and e nfo rce me nt o f safe ty and o the r lab o r laws administe philippinew d b y the De partme nt o f Lab o r.

Co mp utatio n o f Ad d itio nal Co mp e nsatio n.

No award of total and permanent disability compensation shall take effect until after two 2 weeks have elapsed from the date of the injury. No e mplo ye r may hire a Filipino wo rke r fo r o ve rse as e mplo yme nt e xce pt thro ug h the Bo ards and e ntitie s autho rize d b y the Se cre tary o f Lab o r. The Labor Code contains several provisions which are beneficial to labor. All learners who have been allowed or suffered to work during the first two 2 months shall be deemed regular employees if training is terminated by the employer before the end of the stipulated period through no fault of the learners.

The me mb e rs o f the Co mmissio n re pre se nting lab o r and manag e me nt shall have the same rank, e mo lume nts, allo wance s and o the r b e ne fits as tho se pre scrib e d Co mmissio n. For purposes of this Article, the term “child” shall apply to all persons under eighteen 18 years of age.


Appre ntice ship ag re e me nts pro viding fo r wag e rate s b e lo w the 59 The definitions of terms under this Article have been superseded by paragraphs jkland m of Section 4 Definition of Term s of R. The Se cre tary o r his duly autho rize d re pre se ntative s shall issue writs o f e xe cutio n to the appro priate autho rity fo r the e nfo rce me nt o f the ir o rde rs, e xce pt in case s whe re the e mplo ye r co nte sts the finding s o f the lab o r e mplo yme nt and e nfo rce me nt o ffice r and raise s issue s suppo rte d b y do cume ntary pro o fs which we re no t co nside re d in the co urse o f inspe ctio n.

Supple me ntary the o re tical instructio n to appre ntice s in case s whe re the pro g ram is unde rtake n in the plant may b e do ne b y the e mplo ye r. Ad ministratio n o f Training Pro g rams. Responsibility for Theoretical Instruction. The Director-General shall appoint such personnel necessary to carry out the objectives, policies and functions of the Council subject to Civil Service rules.

Rest periods of short duration during working hours shall be counted as hours worked.

Labor Code of the Philippines

As used in this Article, “holiday” includes: To approve rules and regulations governing the processing of claims and the settlement of disputes arising therefrom as prescribed by the System. The fo llo ov are acts o f discriminatio n: Title to the land acquired pursuant to Presidential Decree No.

Right to Weekly Rest Day. As amended by Section 7, Presidential Decree No. The latter shall, with the approval by the Department of Health hpilippines such machineries, equipment and supplies to the different government hospital and rural health units.

It does not include continued treatm ent or follow- As am ended by Sec.

De spite all the update s, this wo rk e nde avo rs to faithfully re tain the philippined xt o f the o rig inal Lab o r Co d ewith no te s co nce rning the ne w te rms and name s pe rtaining to DO LE o ffice s and ag e ncie s, whe re appro priate.

The Secretary of Labor and Employment, in consultation with industrial, medical, and occupational safety and health associations, shall establish the qualifications, criteria and conditions of employment ths such health personnel.

Labor Code of the Philippines, as Amended

Such rules and regulations shall become effective fifteen 15 days after announcement of their adoption in newspapers of general circulation. If any o f the he irs is a mino r, the affidavit shall b e e xe cute d o n his b e half b y his natural g uardian o r ne xt-o f-kin.


What constitutes an unreasonable refusal shall be determined by the System, which may, on its own initiative, determine the necessity, character, and sufficiency of any medical service furnished or to be furnished and shall have the authority to order a change of physician, hospital or rehabilitation facility when in its judgment such a change is desirable or necessary. Supplementary theoretical instruction to apprentices in cases where the program is undertaken in the plant may be done by the employer.

Title to the land acquired pursuant to Presidential Decree No. In cases of hazardous workplaces, no employer shall engage the services of a physician or a dentist who cannot stay in the premises of the establishment for at least two 2 hours, in the case of those engaged on part-time basis, and not less than eight 8 hours, in the case of those employed on full-time basis.

Nothing in this Book shall be construed to eliminate or in any way diminish supplements, or other employee benefits being enjoyed at the time of promulgation of this Code.

Mand ato ry Re mittanc e o f Fo re ig n Exc hang e Earning s. Provided, finally, That the minimum death benefit shall not be less than fifteen thousand pesos.

The Commission shall, within one year after the effectivity of this Code, formulate an integrated codsl for the proper implementation of Program II as envisioned in this Title. The Council shall provide, through the Secretariat, instructor training, entrepreneurship development, training in vocations, trades and other fields of employment, and assist any employer or organization in training schemes designed to attain its objectives under rules and regulations which the Council shall establish for this purpose.

At no instance shall the em ployer withdraw or hold in abeyance th e provision of these basic necessities as punishm ent or disciplinary action to the dom estic worker.

The Re pub lic o f the Philip pine s g uarante e s the b e ne fits pre scrib e d unde r this Titleand acce pts g e ne ral re spo nsib ility fo r the so lve ncy o f the State Insurance Fund.