A review of Adam Kotsko’s Awkwardness. Adam Kotsko’s Awkwardness is the kind of criticism — pertinent, witty, sophisticated but without. Adam Kotsko’s little book Awkwardness is a pleasurable and insightful read, yet another reminder that Zero Books is quickly becoming the. Adam Kotsko: As the likes of Mad Men and Peep Show demonstrate, nothing brings Awkwardness is the feeling of discomfort or anxiety that.

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Oct 07, Sean Capener rated it really liked it. But these rulesets are not always shared, they are not always followed, they fall into decline, and sometimes they simply don’t apply.

Awkwardness – Adam Kotsko – Google Books

This said, I think Kotsko’s founding of awkwardness on normative relativity is itself problematic. In a sad example of post-Fordist precarity par excellence, he has been laid off without his knowledge but is still paid due to a computer error. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Adam Kotsko has been a particularly snarky if playful and generally non-trollish critic of object-oriented ontology.

Awkwardness as a vehicle of human grace. I should write a truly awkward review of this book. The argument the book presents awkwardnwss clever. This analysis of television comedy is the meat of his work. This book ponders kotskoo fate of the movies in a world of digital media, globalization, and massive financial flows.


The only exception to the Seinfeld rule is the schlemiel, George: He finds the second position to be of greater interest to his project:. Toggle navigation Ian Bogost. Kotsko begins his short, cogent, and ultimately encouraging examination of awkwardness with a brief philosophical reflection on awkwardness and a historical survey aimed at explaining its origins.


The violation or absence of the kinds of norms we rely on to get through social interactions creates a weird kind of social bond. As a result we have a social order that has been much more successful in telling us what we’re doing wrong than in giving us a convincing idea of what it would mean to do it right. Indeed, if we take his argument seriously, the source lies not in individuals, but in the social situation of scholarly production itself.

Does he do his own work? A fact the reader might not know: In fact, all of the characters that Kotsko looks at could be called schlemiels. Jul 01, David rated it really liked it Shelves: That all is the meta-cleverness—or, better, the para-cleverness.

Kotsko spells it out at the end of his first chapter: I definitely dug this.


The entire argument is smart, and clever—but just a little too perfect. What we all have in common, he asserts, is our inability to deal with the absence of assured social scripts; we are all left bumbling diagonally toward our lives.

Thus Milton is always already fired. To be sure, Kotsko, who does much work in Continental Philosophy, is familiar with Karl Marx, Ernst Blochand Walter Benjamin who all discuss hope kotxko its relation to opposing the status quo.

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The series to which this book belongs is meant to reclaim this notion of a public intellectual. What follows is a sociological exercise. Drawing on key insights of cultural theory, he argues that awkwardness is a structuring princ Awkwardness has been one of the defining traits of the awkwardly unnamed first decade of our young century, dominating comedy on both the big and small screens.