When you first install Junos OS on your device, MPLS is disabled by default. You must explicitly configure your device to allow MPLS traffic to pass through. JUNOS™. Internet Software Configuration Guide MPLS Applications. Release Juniper Networks, Inc. North Mathilda Avenue Sunnyvale, CA Junos OS MPLS Applications Configuration Guide – Juniper Networks (Junos OS) MPLS Network Operations Guide – Juniper Networks.

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Each entry in the forwarding table contains an interface-inbound label pair mapped to a set of forwarding information that is applied to all packets arriving on the specific interface with the same inbound label. To configure a stub area, include the stub statement at the [edit protocols ospf area area-id] hierarchy level.! This manual also contains a glossary, a complete index, and an index of statements and uunos. Also, let us know if you find any mistakes in the documentation.

A VPN is an extension of a private network that uses. How Routers Forward Packets Autumn philip. Traffic engineering provides the capabilities to:! The old label is replaced with a new label, and the packet is forwarded to the next hop along the LSP.

You should consult the license for further details. An LSP is created by the concatenation of one or more label-switched hops, allowing a packet to be forwarded from one router to another across the MPLS domain. February 27, The feature detects when a neighbor is down and quickly triggers a state timeout, which More information.

Support for strict and loose explicit routes allows the path selection process to be given broad latitude whenever possible, but to be constrained when necessary. This chapter includes the following sections: Data Networking and Architecture.

Junos MPLS Training & Documentation – Steve Puluka

Configutation standard flooding algorithm used by the link-state IGPs ensures that link attributes are distributed to all routers in the routing domain. When you type the area statement, you substitute a value for area-id. Copyright,,The Regents of the University of California. This product includes memory allocation software developed by Mark Moraes, copyright,University of Toronto. Once the packet begins to traverse the LSP, each router uses the label to make the forwarding decision.


This process is repeated at each router in the LSP until the packet reaches the egress router. This document or any part thereof may not More information.

Syntax Describes the full syntax of the configuration statement. Description Describes the function of the configuration statement.!

The information distribution component is implemented by defining relatively simple extensions to the IGPs so that link attributes are included as part of each router s link-state advertisement.

Components of Traffic Engineering! If the order in which the Mpla are calculated is changed, the resulting set of physical paths for the LSPs also can change.

Useful References

Options, which are variable terms for which you substitute appropriate values, are shown in italics. Five days Onsite Price: In no event will Juniper Networks be liable for direct, indirect, special, exemplary, incidental or consequential damages resulting from any defect or omission in this document, even if advised of the possibility guire such damages. For text strings separated by a pipeyou must specify either string1 or string2, but you cannot specify both or neither of them.

MPLS Applications encapsulation-type encapsulation-type ccc encapsulation-type layer 2 vpn instance-type interface route-distinguisher site traceoptions vrf-export vrf-import Appendix A Glossary Index Comprehensive Index Index Comprehensive Index of Statements and Ocnfiguration.

The path for each LSP can be represented by either a strict or loose explicit route. Spring CSIS Jjnos manual also describes how to configure system management functions and how to configure the chassis, including user accounts, passwords, and redundancy.! August 2, Last Updated: The general syntax descriptions provide no indication of the number of times you can specify a statement, option, or keyword. Interfaces, Class of Service, and Firewalls Provides an overview of the interface, class-of-service, and firewall functions conciguration the JUNOS Internet software and describes how to configure mp,s interfaces on the router.!


A separate database is maintained so that the subsequent traffic engineering computation is independent of the IGP and the IGP s link-state database.

MPLS Configuration Overview

The packet is then forwarded based on the destination IP address contained in the packet s original IP header according to the traditional shortest path calculated by the IP routing protocol. Recall that the explicit route can be either strict or loose.!

This program and its documentation were developed at private expense, and no part of them is in the public domain. Then, what is MPLS? Statements, commands, filenames, directory names, IP addresses, and configuration hierarchy levels are shown in a sans serif font. Configuration statements Lists all the configuration statements available to configure the software component.

Using the Indexes on page xxiv! The labeled packet is forwarded along the LSP by each router until it reaches the tail end of the LSP, at which point the MPLS header is removed and the packet is forwarded based on Layer 3 information such as the IP destination address.

Installation and System Management.! To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.

Junos MPLS Training & Documentation

Juniper Networks reserves the right to change, modify, transfer or otherwise revise this publication without notice. By using this software, you indicate that you understand and agree to be bound configurafion those terms and conditions. The focus of the course is on VPN technology More information.