Class: Insecta. Order: Odonata. Family: Coenagrionidae. Genus: Ischnura. Species: I. senegalensis. Common Names: Common Bluetail. Status: Common. Male: Eyes: Upper side black; underside pale green to yellow. Two bright blue spots present behind the eyes. Thorax: Bronze backed with pale green sides and . General Description. Small, hairy, brightly coloured, blue, greenish blue and shiny black, with blue and black pterostigmas and bright cobalt blue abdominal tip.

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Other group will have their own female colouration gynochromes.

Ischnura senegalensis Rambur, Description This damselfly is small but robust. It is native from Africathrough senegalnsis Middle Eastto southern and eastern Asia. Male wing color Odonata.

Jschnura eye color Odonata. Female thorax color Odonata. Contact us to obtain large data downloads and access to bulk information from these websites for collaborative basic science and conservation research projects, or other purposes. Here we describe a new species of Agriocnemis sp.


Ischnura senegalensis – Wikipedia

Segments 8 and 9 are azure blue, with 9 black on dorsum. Dragonflies and Damselflies Odonata: This sejegalensis has many different coloured ones Describes reproductive physiology and behavior, including mating and life history variables. Sides of the thorax is mud colored, will pale when matured.

Female leg color Odonata. From 0 to m above sea level, but mostly below Nomenclature and Classification Nomenclature and Classification. Black above and pale green below Medium sized to small damselfly with blackstriped green thorax and blue sub-terminal spot at the tail tip.

Extremely common In flight: Focus on African Freshwaters: CoenagrionidaedamselfliesIschnura. The Digital Nature Archive of Singapore is built uschnura by the help of various people: Odonata are freshwater insects spread world-wide.

Dragonflies of India-A field guide. Ischnura senegalensis Rambur, This study was conducted in Andaman and Nicobar Islands from through to assess the sta Presentation on how to observe and identify odonates by Pankaj Korpade at the India Biodiversity Search in all groups Search within this group.


Ischnura senegalensis

University of Puget Sound. Status, Habitat and Habits: Send a request for permission.

Describes the general appearance of the taxon; e. The lateral sides are khaki yellow. Adult odonate observations that have been databased on this site: May be referred to as or iscgnura habit, defined as the characteristic mode of growth or occurrence associated to its environment, particularly for plants. Two bright blue spots present behind the eyes.