Turn Your Ideas into Epidemics by Helping Your Customers Do the Marketing Thing for You. – Kindle edition by Seth Godin, Malcolm Gladwell. Download it once. How to spread your influence and ideas using these 8 tips from Seth Godin’s Unleashing the Ideavirus. Here’s a bigger idea: Ideas that spread fastest win. Unleash Your Ideavirus. By Seth Godin long Read. You’re at your business-school reunion.

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Start by “paying” users to spread ideavirus, and when you reach critical mass, start charging for it.

As I walk through the Louvre, arguably one of the ten most-packed-with-high-quality-paintings museums on the planet, I pass through one empty room after another.

TV commercials is far less effective than marketing through contagious ideas. It took about 20 years for radio to have 10 million users. Jan 14, John Montgomery rated it really liked it.

Whenever advertisers build their business around the strategy of talking directly to the customer, they become slaves to the math of interruption marketing. Jan 18, Ryan Watkins rated it really liked it Shelves: In an online column, Raymond offered a mea ieeavirus about what it felt like to become insanely rich when VA Linux Systems Inc.

Because the currency of our future is ideas, and the ideavirus is the way that those ideas propagate. With an ideavirus, you can tell friends, or even 1, friends — and because the numbers are larger and the message spreads more quickly, the virus grows instead of shrinking.


Nathan Mhyrvold, former chief technology officer at Microsoft, says that a great employee is worth 1, times more than an average one. While every Macintosh model has had flaws some more than othersmost of them have has a sexiness and a design sensibility that has turned many consumers into instant converts. The book does not teach you how, or why, it opens up a whole new way of thinking and gives the reader new directions to embrace change, and follow new ideas in order to take the business in a new direction.

But idaevirus the idea business, Nike does know that even the best idea has a short half-life, so it needs to find the next one in a hurry. After being prompted by my curiosity, I did read Vindigo was shut down in after being bought by an outside investment company.

Khateeb rated it it was amazing Shelves: Godin calls this powerful customer-to- customer dialogue the ideavirus, and cheerfully eggs marketers on to create an environment where their ideas can replicate and spread. In it, Raymond argued the case for the open-source approach to coding — creating stuff like Linux.

So, one more time, hit rewind. One of the strategies that Godin believes will create and support an ideavirus is persistence. People only spread ideas if they are remarkable, thought-provoking, important, profitable, funny, horrible, or beautiful.

An ideavirus helps your idea, your business, and your product win — regardless of how large or small your operation happens to be. Or with your entire company. This site uses cookies. On the Internet, the magnification gets even greater, the stakes even higher.


Thoughts on Seth Godin’s Unleashing The Ideavirus – It’s Your Turn

El problema con el libro es que no ha envejecido nada bien. His terminology is little odd, sneezers and such.

It is full of interesting useful advice, but it feels so dated – examples like how brilliant ya Reading this book has reminded me of a couple of things. Nov 12, Beth Gea rated it it was ok. Jun 15, Oliver Gassner rated it it was amazing. Godin is a marketer with a good blog who believes that marketing via interruptions read: More of your questions answered by our Experts.

Dec 26, Kat Kiddles rated it liked it. I might subtitle this: It’s hard to see the point in so much hype leading to so little lasting value.

Thoughts on Seth Godin’s “Unleashing The Ideavirus”

This book provides a method sth effective viral marketing or propagation of ideas. The book does get repetitive after a while though the author keeps on pushing the narrative along with short chapters and some good examples.

The future belongs to the people who unleash ideaviruses.