An umbilical hernia is a protrusion, bulge, or projection of an organ or part of an organ through the body wall such as the abdominal wall. When the hole around your baby’s umbilical cord doesn’t close right, it can turn into an umbilical hernia. Most kids are fine without treatment. A hernia is a protrusion, bulge, or projection of an organ or part of an organ through the body wall that normally contains it. Abdominal wall.

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Review [Umbilical hernia in children].

Options for mesh implantation include bridging the defect and placing a preperitoneal underlay of mesh reinforced with suture repair. J Obstet Gynaecol Res.

The use of bandages or other articles to continuously reduce the hernia is not evidence-based.

Hernia Umbilicalis Mesh versus Primary suture

Incarceration presents with abdominal pain, bilious emesis, and a tender, hard mass protruding from the umbilicus. Skip to main content.

During pregnancy, the umbilical cord passes through an opening in the baby’s abdomen tummy. Usually hernia has content of bowel, abdominal fat or omentumtissue that normally would reside inside the abdominal cavity if it wasn’t for the hernia.

At times, there may be a fleshy red swelling seen in the hollow of the umbilicus that persists after the cord has fallen off.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. J Clin Diagn Res. For most patients, the prognosis is excellent. The laparoscopic technique requires general anesthesia and is reserved for large defects or recurrent umbilical hernias.


The skin is closed using subcuticular sutures, either monocryl or vicryl. Archived from the original on April 7, An umbilical hernia can develop when fatty tissue or a part of the bowel pokes through into an area near the navel.

Many hernias never cause any problems, and do not require any treatment umbilixalis all. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Umbilical hernia.

Umbilical hernia repair in pregnant patients: Similar articles in PubMed. Redefinition of ‘Normal’ and Reevaluation of Indications for Repair”. The covert scar approach. Retrieved March 3, Omphalocele is a condition that leads to the inability of the abdominal contents to be reduced back into the abdomen, resulting in a large hernia covered by a peritoneal sac.

Normally, u,bilicalis abdominal muscles converge and fuse at the umbilicus during the formation stage, however, in some cases, there remains a gap where the muscles do not close and through this gap the inner intestines come up and bulge uernia the skin, giving rise to an umbilical hernia.

Operation and closure of the defect is required only if the hernia persists after the age of 3 years or if the child has an episode of complication during the period of observation like irreducibility, intestinal obstructionabdominal distension with vomitingor red shiny painful skin over the swelling. Please review our privacy policy.

Coeliac Tropical sprue Blind loop syndrome Small bowel bacterial overgrowth syndrome Whipple’s Short bowel syndrome Steatorrhea Milroy disease Bile acid malabsorption. Navels with the umbilical tip protruding past the umbilical skin “outies” are often mistaken for umbilical hernias, which are a completely different shape.

However, because the risk of complications with age are higher and the hernia is hefnia to resolve without treatment, surgery is usually recommended. In contrast to an inguinal herniathe complication incidence is very low, and in addition, the gap in the muscles usually closes with time and the hernia disappears on its own. The fascial defect is repaired with absorbable, interrupted sutures that are typically placed in a transverse plane.

  IEC 62305-4 PDF

World Journal of Surgery. The most common complications for both techniques are superficial wound infections, recurrence of the hernia [16] and some people experience pain from the surgical site. Once the healing is done, the patient should be encouraged to join a physical therapy program and umbilicaljs weight.

Hernias that are symptomatic and disturb daily activity, or hernias that have had umbilicqlis of threatening incarceration, preventive umbilicakis treatment can be considered. Umbilical hernias can also develop in adults.

Umbilical hernia – Wikipedia

In many cases, the umbilical hernia goes back in and the muscles reseal before the child’s first birthday. This leaves a weak spot in the surrounding muscle wall abdominal wall. StatPearls Publishing ; Jan.

This needs to be shown imbilicalis a pediatric surgeon. In some cases, the content gets trapped in the hernia sac, outside the abdominal wall.

PMC ] [ PubMed: You’ll need to limit strenuous activities for a few weeks after the operation, and 1 or 2 weeks off school or work is often recommended.