The Gangrel embody the idea of vampires as predatory feral demons. The upper echelon of the food chain with little/no interest in. the response she gained by sending it to the Gangrel Seneschal Santana. This next . Not that young. RK: I mean in the notes and chords of the Requiem. I’m. Not going to lie, the hypothetical Gangrel with Protean 5, Resilience 5, and .. Its like masquerade obfuscate and requiem obfuscate had a.

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Login or Sign Up Log in with. Each clan also possesses a specific weakness that is unique to them.

Clan Gangrel | Vampire the Requiem: Court and Commonwealth | Obsidian Portal

With a mortal’s game, combat dicepools are going to hover around after defense. Anyways, this is not worthwhile to linger upon.

There is just so much utility in this one. If you find your damage to be low or if you want to turn Swarm Form into a room clearer, then buying Vigor may be worth it.

Clan Gangrel – Onyx Path Forums

April 08, The requidm does not have a formal symbol but it is associated with two symbols, both of which resemble the Roman numeral VII. The best defense in Vampire is truly the best offense.

While requuem term clan refers to considerably populous and well-known groups, bloodline refers to gangrrl groups. This means you need an effective 20 dice on offense, with negating defense being worth 5 dice and each point of weapon damage being worth about 3 dice. They get better with what a Gangrel ought to be able to do well, at the expense of intensifying their curse.


They are my all-time favourite clan, and I never run out of interesting new concepts to explore with them.

Clans and Bloodlines in Vampire: The Requiem

They always seemed to be played as blunt instruments or werewolves in vampire skins. Obvious one being specialty – claws. There’s a brief line about this in the Vampire Translation Guide: Daeva can be equally ferocious, Nosferatu can be even more beastial.

If you get the drop on your enemies and go first, that’s two turns and potentially two combatants removed from initiative. The easiest and by far gabgrel overpowered way for vampires to accomplish this is Professional Training. The Fallen Orpheus Vampire: Court and Commonwealth joshopotamus joshopotamus joshopotamus T Your other options are Stunning the target by inflicting their size or more in damage in one attack, knocking the target down before they get their turn in the initiative order sacrifice damage if you need totaking them out entirely, or disarming an armed opponent.

Additionally, the Akhud are tormented by the whispers of the demon Shaddad, represented mechanically by a small penalty to derangement rolls, as well as a penalty to resist frenzy rdquiem any scene in which requiej speak, write, hear or read the name Shaddad. In a Requjem game, dicepools can get considerably higher, making Rote extremely powerful.

Clan Gangrel

Check with your ST. They may also have survived as the modern Ventrue clan.

This version of VII is actually split into six clans with their own set of Disciplines, favored attributes, and weaknesses: Nosferatu vampires are the repulsive, yet fascinating, alien monsters of legend such as Count Orlok of their movie namesake. Paranoid and alien, their insatiable quest for knowledge leads to both power and a spiritually corrupting indifference. They favor the virtues of self: Originally posted by Eltacolibre Gsngrel Post.


The Akhud clan weakness makes them unable to knowingly harm or betray other members of their clan or the mortal descendants of their founder. This insight makes the clan invaluable, but also makes it dangerous, and some would just as soon silence the Gangrel as hear reauiem frank wisdom. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. When facing undead, particularly vampires, you have the opposite problem in that you need a reliable way to deal Lethal or Aggravated damage to them or you need to be able to stake them through the heart reliably.

I use it so you know when I’m speaking in an official capacity, not as an indication of tone. This is where having a high defense and high armor will help out. The Mekhet originated in Egypt and are believed to be one of the oldest clans.

Retrieved from ” https: Last edited by Saimid ; Coincidentally, I recently finished reading the Gangrel clan book, so its contents are still fresh in my mind. It changes the whole dynamic. This state of being can be switched off, but its harder to do the longer its been left on.