The Extron MLC IP AAP MediaLink Controller is an enhanced control. The Extron MLC IP MediaLink Controller is an enhanced control panel for. The Extron MLC IP Series of MediaLink® Controllers are enhanced control panels for controlling AV equipment in any small classroom or boardroom. They standardize the interface for all display systems, making them easier to use, set up, and maintain. Enhanced MediaLink.

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Together, these form a powerful control solution with the following features: Before use, ensure that the device meets all regulatory requirements for your region and complies with all applicable local safety and electrical codes and standards. This centralized data can be collected and used to reduce maintenance costs and guide future purchasing decisions. To view iip page ensure that Adobe Flash Player version The product has to been restocked by our supplier or it is in production.

If extdon serially controlled device such as a projector or display is physically disconnected from the network, the MLC IP monitoring its status will know immediately.

MLC IP DV+ – MediaLink Controllers | Extron

Both display control and source control are provided on a single panel to standardize the control interface for all systems, making display etron simple to use. Register – Forgot your password?


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Send me a copy. Global Configurator also adds support for GlobalViewer, a free Web-based AV resource management and remote control software application specifically designed to work with products that include IP Link technology. It is not a switcher; instead, as a controller, it tells the display when to switch between its various inputs.

Then we calculate an average delivery time extroh one year.

Extron MLC IP Ethernet Media Link Control Panel | eBay

Because the buttons illuminate, they are helpful for presenters in low-light environments. Currently we cannot give you a delay. An error occurred while sending your e-mail.

For instance, a projector can be polled routinely to track lamp usage and total life time. Also includes link and activity indicators for troubleshooting network issues Device shall have a female RJ jack extdon on the back that supports an optional IP Intercom module Device 226 have a captive screw connector exteon the back of the panel that will output a mono audio signal when the optional intercom is used Device shall support the following protocols: For instance, an administrator may want to turn off all projectors every Friday at close of business.

Information such as connection status, power state, and current input selection is displayed in a central location. Add Item to Cart. It will be available soon! The administrator can schedule the system to turn off all projectors at a specified time, and raise all projection screens that were left down. Select a Part Number: Kategorier Tillverkare Visa mobil version.


It provides a simple, convenient way to retrieve AV system usage statistics into a single document for data analysis, collecting 22 system information such as frequency of usage for each front panel input and current lamp hours of connected projectors.

For all orders placed before It standardizes the control interface for all systems, making display systems simple to use. Device shall feature 5 LEDs, four green and one red arranged vertically located adjacent to the rotary encoder. Buttons shall feature removable button caps allowing them to be custom labeled for easy identification Device shall provide a rotary encoder knob located in the bottom left of the panel that can be configured to control the audio level of an AV system.

In such an event, it can send an e-mail message notifying security personnel of the possible theft.

EXTRON Extron MLC 226 IP

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