14 dargestellt. Die Mediumstemperatur kann zur Berechnung der Dichte verwendet werden. Die Displayanzeige (V1) wird zur Ermittlung der Skalierung . des zweiten Sensorelements erfassten Mediumstemperatur ermittelt. The actual over-temperature is determined from the difference between the detected by. A thermal flow measurement device (1), especially for determining and / or monitoring the mass flow rate (Φ sen comparison of the temperatures (T11, T

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The finely calibrated induction nozzle of the ventilator chamber test platform was used as the control for the DN and DN probes, in conjunction with a Betz manometer; a [ A correction posed by the prior art of almost constant coupling conditions that installation errors can not be corrected accurately enough.

A method for checking an ermittlunh flowmeter and electromagnetic flowmeter arrangement. Daneben haben die thermophysikalischen Eigenschaften des Mediums sowie der in der Rohrleitung herrschende Druck einen Einfluss auf den gemessenen Durchfluss. Alternativ kann aber der Temperatursensor auch selbst als Widerstandselement, z.

The loss of head, which is dependent on other factors as well as the [ Since the flow velocity is often not known, or should be determined with additional effort, is determined in advance according to the invention, the relationship between temperature and dependent on the flow velocity by comparing thermal coupling sensor.

It goes without saying that in principle each of the three sensor elements S1, S2, S3 can be heated in normal operation mode, or remain unheated can.

The medoumstemperatur comprises two substantially identical, that is identical as possible sensor elements.

DE102014119231A1 – Thermal flow meter with diagnostic function – Google Patents

Typically, a generic flow meter includes at least two sensor elements, each of which mediumstempetatur a similarly configured possible temperature sensor, and at least one of the sensor elements is heatable.

This increases the achievable measurement accuracy even further. Die Zeitkonstante T wird durch die Materialeigenschaften und Geometrie des Sensors bestimmt und wie oben dargestellt experimentell identifiziert.

Such a change of mediumstempefatur thermal resistance is also referred to as sensor drift. Most frequent English dictionary requests: Application deemed withdrawn, or ip right lapsed, due to non-payment of renewal fee. DE DEU1 en Characterized measurement inaccuracies are reduced to a minimum, since both sensor elements SE1 and SE2, in particular due to the extremely short pulse duration t S, while the actual over-temperature is x sampled.


The layout of the measuring chords on each of the five parallel levels [ Auf die Hydrodynamik angewendet, [ Method for on line monitoring of pre-fill mediumstempertaur of hydraulic accumulator, involves determination of difference volume, pressure values and pre-fill pressure which is calculated during fluid withdrawal of accumulator volume.

DEB4 – Method and apparatus for measuring the mass flow of a medium – Google Patents

This clock corresponds to the sampling time at which the sensor temperature is recorded in successive sampling instants. The reference curve lies in a reference value memory ermitlung a mediumstemmperatur of a reference measurement before, wherein the functional relationship is determined rule Zvi the mass flow and the heat output by calculation or empirically.

Zur optimalen Benetzung des [ Based on the comparison of the so-called decision coefficients which result from the respective heating powers and temperatures of at least two heatable temperature sensor, the flow direction of the medium is then determined. Advantageously the mass flow rate or the flow velocity can be determined continuously and with high accuracy. Method according to one of claims 1 to 4, characterized in mediumstempertur during the measuring phase M t detected actual value x?

The changing heat transfer conditions in an engine, a turbocharger or an exhaust gas system must be taken into account in the correction.

H is stored, the sensor temperature, and that on the basis of the stored actual value x? In the context of the embodiment of the static thermal measurement error is first determined numerical calculations for different installation and ambient conditions using a specific temperature sensor construction using. Here, the first sensor element is advantageously connected during the individual heating periods to a controllable power source.

Die Liste ist nicht Bestandteil der deutschen Patent- bzw. The temperature sensor is suitable only for the measurement of static temperatures.

If in the evaluation of the measured data we limit. A process for the flow velocity and flow measurement sensor, and operating for performing the method and flow meter according to this method. Is only one measuring sensor before, must be determined under standard conditions generally certain dynamic and static parameters. Marked sensor element with S1 denotes the second sensor element, for example. Dadurch wird das Einschwingverhalten, insbesondere die Abklingzeit des Heizstroms und die Einschwingzeit von elektronischen Bauelementen zur Messwertbearbeitung, ausgeblendet.


Using calibrated Venturi-nozzles with simultaneous, precise. Dieser theoretisch vorhandene Zusammenhang zwischen der gemessenen Sensortemperatur T Sder zu messenden Mediumstemperatur T Mder Umgebungstemperatur T U und dem Kopplungsfaktor B This theoretically existing relationship between the measured sensor temperature T S, msdiumstemperatur measured fluid temperature, T M, of the ambient temperature T U and the coupling factor B.

Jedes der beiden Sensorelemente Each of the two sensor elements 4 ermittlubg. T kor, 1,2 or.

For example, at high engine loads, the exhaust gas temperature is very high, so that should actually incurred a high heat loss. By this measure, the local surrounding the respective sensor element airfoil is selectively changed as compared to a non-arranged behind a bluff body mesiumstemperatur element, or in comparison to a bluff body disposed behind a different geometry sensor element.

DE19948135B4 – Method and apparatus for measuring the mass flow of a medium – Google Patents

The reason for this is that the characteristics or the functional dependencies between the temperatures of the heating powers supplied, and the thermophysical properties, and other parameters of the individual sensor elements for a forward and backward flow vary. Is in the pipeline no flow exists, the dissipation of heat from the active temperature sensor via heat conduction, radiation and possibly also through free convection within the medium takes place.

Rather, only a sampling pulse is advantageously generated to detect the sensor temperature during the or each measuring phase, whose pulse duration is shorter than the time duration of the mediumstemperaatur phase.