Ermeni Tehciri. Bülent Bakar. Uploaded by. Bülent Bakar. Download with Google Download with Facebook or download with email. Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , Mehmet Takkaç Muammer Demirel and others published Ermeni Tehciri Anıları Üzerine. Bu araştırmanın amacı, Türkiye’yi özellikle her sene nisan ayında uluslararası alanda meşgul eden Ermeni Meselesi’ne, öğretim programlarımızda ve ders.

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In fact, no one has left Palestine. Message dated August 13, Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands.


April 14, Date of Fair Copy: Moreover, I can observe from the sayings or implications of some of tehcjri people that even the Germans, just for being Christians, have developed a sense of agitation due to the fabricated news they heard. Regional doctors shall conduct inspect every single house in their regions to find sick people hidden; due procedures shall be followed in searching the houses and all the members of the household shall be subjected to thorough examination by the regional doctors.

If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Until the arrival of the orders for the use of funds, the local government shall meet the money necessitated.

Tehciri, İstanbul Rumlarının sonu oldu | Agos

The Station Commanders, including those at the intermediate stations, shall inspect whether all the trains cleaned and labeled in accordance with the due procedures before they leave. July 11, Code Secret To: Cleaning and the organization of disinfection works in the city, B. The orders are hereby declared once more to attention of the concerned.

The poor and the soldiers shall not pay any money.

Ermeni Meselesi, Ermeni Sorunu | ‘le İlgili Herşey

The poor were granted money by the government. Summary of the notification: Passenger cars bearing the sign of the Red Crescent Society shall be prepared for the transfer of the sick and the poor — from Adana to Tarsus, from Islahiye to Aleppo, and from Alepo to Rayak — by Baghdad and Esh Sham railroad companies. It has been understood that the fugitives who have not applied to the Court in compliance with the day period allocated by the Chair, shall be tried in their absence, be deprived of their civil rights, and their belongings and properties be sequestered, as they are considered to have had opposed the law.


I herewith order the strict application of the following procedures for keeping the trains clean than ever, and thus curbing the widespread of contagious diseases. The Health Commission later appointed him as a medical staff to the Baghdad Station temporarily. Although the minutes recorded, and the evidence found in the documents revealed that some of the arrested convicts, denying their offenses, ascribed the charges directed at them to the fugitives, Melkon from Feke, who was a soldier at a mobile gendarmerie company, taking the chaotic state of affairs in the Ottoman State for granted, deserted his unit taking his ammunition and weapons with him, joined the band to realize the first phase of a full scale insurgence and of a rebellion in order to fulfill the long Armenian dream — declaring Armenian freedom.

For Ohannes, who did not comply with the decision of the Court Martial granting 10 days for his surrender, it is hereby unanimously decided that he shall here after be taken as a non-compliant, shall be tried in his absence, shall be deprived of his civil rights, and his property shall be sequestered.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has notified that the cases of the civilians who had committed the above-mentioned offenses have been forwarded to the Courts Martial, and that the concerned have been notified.

All of the Jewish communities, even those near Gaza and Yafo were saved from total destruction.

The Supreme Command holds the 4th Army Command fully responsible for providing of food and hot meals for the orphans at appropriate points.

If a person is deprived of holding municipal rights, in other words of holding an office; 3. As they are believed to have realized the incidents, they thought about; and as they, being the influential and prominent people of Zeytun, were understood to be the real perpetrators and organizers of the rebellion and murders.

By establishing a firm communication with the Aleppo Vilayet, the transfer of the Armenians settling in the center and the regions affiliated shall begin at once, and all their provisions shall be met, their honor, and lives shall be protected by all means until they arrive the destinations they are assigned to.

Following an investigation, as it has been understood that the fugitives have not complied with the decree issued yet, it is announced that it was unanimously decided that the trials of the fugitives should commence in their absence, the questioning of the tehciei started.


The lines the Minister of Interior Talat Pasha wrote in a rejoinder — dated February 16, — to the Deputy Commander-in-Chief and the Minister of Defense, Enver Pasha, introduces an important approach to the frame of evaluation of the issue. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Egmeni. As the aim of the activities realized so far, and the aim of the activities realized within the framework of the decisions taken unanimously suggested the severing of a certain part of the Ottoman country tehcjri the hands of the State; it is hereby concluded unanimously that the case, being one of treason, requires trial in accordance with the tehcirj stipulations of Penal Code Article 54,7 be submitted to Court Martial for the due trials of the convicts.

Message dated August 7, The Aleppo Region Logistics Support Inspector is in charge of sending edmeni of these women to the hamam Turkish baths every fortnight free of charge and is directly responsible to me in person.

Each region shall be appointed a regional commander and a regional doctor by the 6th Corps Command. Tehcigi verdict given pertaining to the Zeytun incidents is studied. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. His recorded testimony is read aloud. These carts shall be disinfected frequently, and not be used for any other purposes.

In unison with the original. Signed Patriarch Kamazej Submitted for further considerations. The extend of the care given to the protection of the Armenian citizens in Aleppo is explicitly revealed. Following, the next person accused is called. However, no Armenian insurgencies have occurred in this region. I hereby propose and submit the following requests of mine to be taken into immediate consideration for devising a comprehensive program, which would render the Armenians inoffensive if not loyal to us, to be put into practice after the war A.