Bol Chil Parasitol. Jan-Mar; [Human fascioliasis hepatica ( distomatosis)]. [Article in Spanish]. FAIGUENBAUM J, FERES A, DONCKASTER R. The first section gives a detailed account of two human cases of hepatic distomatosis produced by Fasciola hepatica. In the second the occurrence of this . Comprobación de distomatosis hepática por fasciola hepática en huéspedes bovinos en la zona alta del páramo del Estado Mérida / José Fernando Vivas.

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Turano; Balows, Albert; M. The rate of recurrence of the human infection has been underestimated in the last years; however case reports remain and only some onsets of variable evolution associated with the consumption of vegetables or contaminated waters are reported. As a distomatozis of this unclear classification, flukes in Japan are normally referred to as Fasciola spp. For the organism, see Fasciola. Hypertrophy of biliar ducts associated with obstruction of the lumen occurs as a result dstomatosis tissue damage.

Distomatosis hepática

In blood, anemiahypoalbuminemiaand eosinophilia may be observed in all types of fasciolosis. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

TV, Rise in animal liver fluke cases alarms South Cotabato. Individual people can protect themselves by not eating raw watercress and other water plants, especially from endemic grazing areas.


Well-known human hyperendemic areas are localized distomxtosis in the high plain called altiplano.

These immunological tests are based on detection of species-specific antibodies from sera. Because of the size of the parasite, as adult F. These articles are reprinted from the periodical Vida nueva ; other material in nepatica work is new.

En 10 de los 47 pacientes hubo ictericia. WHO, Geneva, pp. You need a subscription to this content to use this feature. Human and animal fasciolosis occurs worldwide.

Archived from the original on Diphyllobothrium latum Diphyllobothriasis Spirometra erinaceieuropaei Sparganosis Diphyllobothrium mansonoides Sparganosis. Bol Chil Parasitol ; Saunders Company Publication, pp. Niega ingesta de berros, pero consume agua en los pozos y esteros donde beben los animales.

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Nine photomicrographs give fine representations of the eggs and embryos of the parasite. El hombre se infecta, generalmente, por el consumo de berros y otros vegetales contaminados con metacercarias 3 y en menor escala agua contaminada. Dic [citado 26 Abril ]; 50 4: Mechanisms of resistance have been studied by several authors in different animal species. Bacterial, mycotic, and parasitic diseases. The treatment of choice is triclabendazole. Historia de la enfermedad actual: Nevertheless, long-term veterinary use of triclabendazole has caused appearance of resistance in F.

Views Read Edit View history. Up to half of those infected display no symptoms, [2] and diagnosis is difficult because the worm eggs are often missed in fecal examination.

La distomatosis hepatica en Cuba. | JAMA | JAMA Network

Reviews 1 November Activity of artemether and OZ78 against triclabendazole-resistant Fasciola hepatica. J Helminthol ; This is a monographic record of cases of liver fluke disease in Cuba. In addition antibody concentration quickly drops post treatment and no antibodies are present one year after treatment, which makes it a very good diagnostic method. Our website uses cookies to enhance your experience.

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In addition, biochemical and haematological examinations of human sera support the exact diagnosis eosinophilia, elevation of liver enzymes.

New developments in epidemiology, diagnosis, and treatment of fascioliasis. Facultad de Ciencias Veterinarias, Univ. Fibrous adhesions of the gall bladder to adjacent organs are common.

In Africa, human cases of fasciolosis, except in northern parts, have not been frequently reported.

La distomatosis hepatica en Cuba.

Intermediate hosts of F. After brief introductory items come three extensive chapters on human liver fluke disease in Cuba caused by Fasciola hepatica, the well known European sheep liver fluke now cosmopolitan in its distribution. Few cases were documented in Japan, Koreas, Vietnam, and Thailand. Distomaotsis the second the occurrence of this condition in Cuba is surveyed and treatment is discussed, while in the third the specific action of emetine is emphasized.