Aspectos anatómicos y técnicos de la cirugia de citorredución de cáncer de ovario Epithelial Ovarian Cancer; Debulking of the Superior Abdomen; Abdominal. The mainstay of treatment for advanced ovarian cancer is the multimodality approach of debulking surgery and paclitaxel–platinum chemotherapy. The size of. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Primary or delayed debulking surgery and treated with primary or delayed (secondary) optimal debulking surgery unless impossible, Cáncer epitelial de ovario: evaluación y cirugía.

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They are particularly useful for maintenance of airway lumen in cases of extrinsic compression Figure 8.

Debulking – Wikipedia

Intraoperative neoplastic cell cifugia Involvement of the lymph nodes in resection limits Positive resection margins Perforated cancer Peritoneal Implants confirmed with biopsy Ovarian involvement Invasion of nearby organs or structures. Light energy may also be used for diagnosis in this setting.

The posterior wall is completed first. This approach may require several treatments to achieve a successful thermal necrosis of central and distal airway tumors. Endobronchial management of benign, malignant, and lung transplantation airway stenoses. The porfimer then becomes excited and generates a series of radical reactions. Ovarian cancer [4] and some types of brain tumor [5] are debulked before radiotherapy or chemotherapy begin, making those therapies more effective. This presentation is often the result of an endobronchial primary or endobronchial spread of a locally advanced malignant process.

Surgical oncology Medical treatment stubs. J Natl Cancer Inst ; The authors also reported the use of the laser for tracheal stenosis and granulomas.

An ABG and pulmonary function tests are also useful to evaluate baseline oxygenation, ventilation and respiratory mechanics. Benign tumors were particularly amenable to laser therapy secondary to a mostly polypoid and localized tendency. In the s, the Dumon stent was considered the gold standard prosthesis for airway management in patients with endobronchial malignancies Buking could not demonstrate any improvement in the detection of histologic abnormalities over white light bronchoscopy The “Y” stent is appropriate for carinal lesions with associated main stem bronchial involvement It is necessary to apply intraperitoneal chemotherapy in the following cases, after expected mechanisms of tumoral cell implantation in the peritoneum: Sonett bulkin et al, described a technique for precise Y stent positioning.

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Debulking procedures are usually long and often complicated, taking several hours or more to perform, depending on internal involvement and location.

It is important to use a rigid scope with a wide tube to allow for laser application, ventilation and extraction of secretions and tumor bulk. The modality is less absorbed in water and hemoglobin, which allows a depth of penetration for several millimeters and enables control of bleeding from vessels greater than 0.

With the exception of carcinoid tumors and rare localized endobronchial squamous cell cancer in good risk patients, endobronchial palliation is the mainstay in the treatment of patients with unresectable endobronchial malignancies. While LIFE bronchoscopy shows promise in detection of carcinoma in situ in patients cirugla a history of lung cancer, additional trials are likely needed to definitively demonstrate its applicability.

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The management of endobronchial malignancy is a challenging problem. Most lung cancers are cirjgia or hilar in location. The invasive or non-invasive nature of the tumor on the surface of the peritoneum is also a defining feature when treating peritoneal carcinomatosis. The stent is positioned at the tip of the rigid scope, just beyond the chest tube Figure 6. The prosthesis is slowly deployed under fluoroscopy.

YAG laser can therefore effectively photocoagulate small blood vessels and tumor tissue. Retrieved from ” https: A coagulation profile including PT, PTT, and platelet count are of paramount importance, especially when endobronchial therapy is being considered. This manoeuver is key to correcting the size discrepancy between the proximal and distal bronchi. Debulking is the reduction of as much of the bulk volume of a tumour as possible.


Laser Med Microchirurg ; 1: YAG laser in bronchial endoscopy. YAG laser is ublking without risks. YAG laser with a wavelength of 1, nm delivers near infrared radiation via a flexible quartz fiber.

Furthermore, chest CT can show the presence of endobronchial tumor. The peritoneal carcinomatosis tumors that can be dealt with thanks to a combined radical treatment are the following, depending on evidences seen nowadays: When using the flexible scope, the laser tip is positioned just beyond the distal end of the scope. YAG laser therapy, this modality has proven useful in the management of endobronchial tumors.

There is a wide variety of this type of carcinomatosis depending on the peritoneal involvement, from small and superficial nodes near the primary tumor to a complete occupation of the abdominal cavity by big invasive tumor deposits. Endobronchial tumor may represent too a benign disease process.

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Although LIFE broncoscopy shows some potential in enn early detection of second primaries and recurrent tracheobronchial malignancy, large prospective randomized trials are need to fully explore its utility in patients with lung cancer. Ann Thorac Surg ; In other types of cancer where debulking is not curative, it is sometimes done with palliative intent to relieve mass effect.