From this standpoint, CATU is fully committed to supporting you in these Next, with a completely redesigned catalogue that focuses on our products, their. Electrical or pneumatic Cabinets 64 Locking / Cabinets Lockout cabinet Two adjustable shelves (12 positions). Locked CATU Electrical Safety. CATU Electrical Safety Catalogue. 1. SICAME GROUP / The world of electrical safety; 2. Electrical safety, our business. Now more.

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CATU CE-75 Insulated Telescopic Pole (75kV)

A circumferential braking system prevents the clamp from turning under the weight of the cable. For locking all types of valves: High performing burnished steel.

Sturdy thermo-plastic moulded case providing. Strong leather handle and shoulder strap. All of these posters comes in kits that were specially designed by CATU to get your substations in compliance. Easy to put on. For the electrical domain, setting up and catk the lockout are described in national and European standards EN Maximum working load daN.


Multiple adjustments for a perfect fit headband.

Reference MP mm 1. For 10 to 50 mm2 cable. For other voltage range: Universal model Steel cable coated in non-conductive PVC. Tether rope with energy absorber. The operator has 15 seconds to complete step 2. The transparent cover enables to check gloves presence.

AL Shackle Lg 70 mm Rotary and adjustable, work positioning belt.

Sensor in the form of catalouge bent finger enabling removal and reinstallation of the terminal insulating cover. Semirigid red fabric top with elastic on the back.

Reference CL Sold in box of 3 units On bus bars. BL Key upon request Delivered to the meter with a minimum of 5 meters. Inspection and Storage of Insulating Gloves All insulating gloves must be visible inspected after inflation and before each use. Easy and quick to set up, this line can be ctalogue by 2 people.


It is equipped with a tension device. Earthing equipment for overhead lines systems Earth rod to be ordered separately.


MPLOT Periodic inspection Insulating blanket should not be used without having been electrically tested within twelve month preceding with the exception of class 00 and 0.

Reinforced catlaogue and rope handle.

ArboCat Virus: Catu (CATUV)

MTB V-shaped aluminium body. Locking device for the control units of numerical machines, cranes, cataalogue, overhead cranes. Reference mm kg M x x 2 M x x 2. Polyamide central lug attaches to snap-hook of belt. Voltage detector with autotest. It remains locked until it is unlocked. Self locking contact clamp: