Sir Henry Rider Haggard, ( – ), known as H. Rider Haggard, was an English writer of adventure novels set in exotic locations, predominantly Africa. Project Gutenberg · 58, free ebooks · 68 by H. Rider Haggard. Ayesha, the Return of She by H. Rider Haggard. No cover available. Hard on twenty years have gone by since that night of Leo’s vision — the most awful years, perhaps, which were ever endured by men.

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Detailed plot synopsis reviews of Ayesha: In Leo she found her love, that re-born Kallikrates, the Grecian priest of Isis whom some two thousand years before she had slain in her jealous rage, thus executing on him the judgment of the angry goddess. Benita is strong and brave, nevertheless, like most 19th century heroines she does depend on men to aid and rescue her when possible. Intentionally so Haggard’s epic SHE suold’ve been the end-all of fantasy epics.

The doctor recounts how, when attending Holly in his last hours, he arrived at the house to find that Holly had risen from his deathbed and made his way to a local ring of ancient standing stones. The best adventure thriller I’ve ever read. She had sold an estimated 87 million copies, in 44 different languages, and never being out of print, when Ursula Andress starred in a film adaptation, loosely based on the books. Ayesha meanwhile writes her memoirs, including her later meeting with Allan in the third book, She and Allan, and her plans to restore the cult of Isis when she becomes Queen of the World because Ayesha is cute like that.

The real story doesn’t start when he is searching for Ayesha for years but when they meet and try to decide what next! A story full of thriller and romance. Do so if you will, and my blood be on your head.

It was a sullen August evening, and after we had dined we walked upon the shore, listening to the slow surge of the waves and watching the lightning flicker from the bosom of a distant cloud. Ayesha begins shortly after that, with Leo seeing a vision of where he can find Ayesha now.


Ayesha: The Return of She by H. Rider Haggard. Search eText, Read Online, Study, Discuss.

Don’t a lot of the elements sound like deja vu from SHE? Following their dreams, they wander for years through Asia, eventually coming to ” Thibet ” as it is spelled in the book. The Return of She. The Abbot tries to dissuade them auesha going on and warns them that, however beautiful, nothing is immortal, even if the Queen was born centuries ago eeturn Ancient Egypt or remembers it from a past life.

Ayesha First edition cover pub.

What crime have I committed that this sore punishment should be laid upon me? Do you suggest that Ayesha is re-incarnated haggars Central Asia — as a female Grand Lama or something of that sort?

Ayesha: The Return of She

At the same time the book tells every detail as raw it can be, there is no pretense or influence of any religion though it talks about several of them.

I swear it — it is true. There is also a second letter, from Holly’s doctor, to whom Holly retutn entrusted his letter and manuscript, along with a wooden box, which contains an ancient sistrum.

Does she not thus lead returnn through life to that peak which lies beyond the Gates of Death? Professor Holly tries to convince Leo to give up the chase, but Leo feels guilt for the way Ayesha died, and cannot forget her beauty and her love for him. Enraged, Ayesha declares that she will destroy Atene and rescue Leo. Then I rose, and going to the open window, drew up the blind and stood there staring at the sky, which grew pearl-hued with the first faint tinge of dawn.

Who, though, is Ayesha? Near the mountain is a valley kingdom run by a crazy Khan Rassan, who was poisoned by his beautiful but unpleasant wife Khania Aten.

Aug 23, Sandy rated it really liked it. They travel to Asia and wander around for many years, until eventually they receive another sign that they are close. Leo says he doesn’t care if she is old, he still loves Ayesha and wants her.


Just ot she had grown, her mother dies and she leaves England for Africa to see her estranged father. May not these things be an allegory h.riderr for our instruction? Rider Haggard Novels by H. Click here to see the rest of this review. Rider Haggard’s books with a female protagonist.

It changed its shape, the crest of it grew hollow like a crater. I am a history fan, and it didn’t seem hard for me to to. Taking refuge over winter in a remote lamasery, they meet the old Abbot Kou-En, who claims to recall a past-life encounter with a witch queen from the time of Alexander the Great.

Divinity of the she is shown in her matured thinking in many events for example when she shows her true form and asks Leo to chose either her or the more beautiful woman beside her and even if he chooses another, she declares there is no problem she would spend her life alone.

Ayesha: The Return of She (She #2) by H. Rider Haggard

I can’t in good conscience recommend this to everyone, but if you want to read more Haggard, you can do far worse than this volume. This is the sequel to “She,” which Haggard haggadd in18 years after the first book. The story is dull and talky, the dialog is extremely stilted like reading a high school kid trying to ape Shakespeareand the main characters all behave like knuckleheads pretty much throughout.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Although greatly outnumbered, she leads her men into battle, and when the two armies meet Ayesha reveals her power over the elements, summoning up a terrible lightning storm.