Apollo Security’s Access Control and Alarm Monitoring System (APACS) is provided by Apollo Security Systems in the United States and it is. , the complete industry guide – Find Apollo APACS or any electronic security product from the extensive products in the database. The Apollo APACS, Windows based alarm/access man- agement system provides an easy and user friendly envi- ronment for operating and processing of .

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The status can be seen from the messages Power Up, online, etc and also by opening Hardware Status. Apollo Universal Video Interface following video recorders supported: Most existing video installations can remain in place or even be expanded using different brands, and still the management of the entire system remains unchanged: This will prevent unnecessary alarms that are generated due to end of line resistors being missing.

Video can also be searched using advanced motion detection technology to spacs right to the action. Special reports for movement of visitors. Track visitors on-site, quickly identifying location and violators of allowed visit duration.

The more unused options that are eliminated, the more space will be available for cards and events. All integrations support all basic camera functions like PTZ, manual recording and snapshots.

Configuring APACS & AAN Controllers – ppt video online download

Apollo Security’s Access Control and Alarm Monitoring System APACS is the result of years of research and design coupled with real-world input from security professionals working at the most secure sites around the globe. Auth with social network: Cardholder images and personal information are taken directly from the database for inclusion on the printed badge.


Additional information may be necessary if the card format is incorrect. We also use cookies to improve your online experience, Cookie Policy Got it. Supports all versions of DigitalSentry video recorder software Geutebruck: UI Features Introduction 12 3.

This is useful for doors with no contact and also for testing or when the door contact is malfunctioning.

About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. This is an excellent way for end-users to continue receiving benefits from the investments that they made into video systems years ago, as well as strong leverage in negotiations for system expansion, as they are no longer locked into a single vendor.

Configuring APACS & AAN Controllers

Location of cardholder can be monitored live as they move between areas and areas can be locked for safety or security reasons. Apollo Security introduces its new integration software.

An intuitive and easy to navigate user interface makes controlling the video system simple and quick. Easy and powerful custom reports as well as pre-configured reports allow quick access to historical data.

Sign up now to:. Employee attendance reporting to keep track of time worked. Advanced escort rules allow access only when accompanied by a designated employee or guard.


This indicates proper power and firmware initialization. No more sifting through hours of video in order to find a few precious seconds: Or controlling reader form alarm mode to check if relays click. Security software Integration software. Card was rejected locally at reader resulting in no error is shown.

For easy card issuing, full featured badge design and magnetic card encoding. There are lots of pieces that must be put together before everything will work.

We think you have liked this presentation. Protecting your physical access control system: Reader is in locked mode that is default state until you perform “Normalize” command for the first time.

The card can also be rejected locally if it an incorrect standards e. Combined with APACS messaging, video data and video-related events bring an extra dimension to tracking history by retrieving associated recording with just a mouse click.

This can be apolll to a card being the wrong format that is not close enough to the expected format to even be considered by the reader. After Network communication is selected, Communication Settings will become available so that the IP address can be entered.

The reader may show a steady red LED when locked. Enter the correct bit format.