Of all of the applications in SAP SCM, Global Available to Promise (GATP) is often considered the most difficult to explain and, as a result, the. Thus, along with the fact that so much GATP Some propose that GATP is located in APO because. SAP SCM APO – GATP – Global Available To Promise. The SAP SCM is one of the SAP Business Suite solutions to manage Supply Chain Management in an.

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The configuration screens lack an inherent logic that the other applications have.

Below this is the Rules Based Avail Check section. This means that customers have a higher likelihood of being satisfied with product, for a lower investment in inventory and productive capacity.

It offers the functionality to perform availability checks which consist of online searches that determine if requested products are available at requested times in the quantities that satisfy customer demand. This can be thought of as a buffer for GATP that is used to enhance performance. Job title, keywords, or company.

Glad my blog helped you in your understanding. After reading this book you will: Hi Satish, Thanks for preparing such a nice document and thanks a lot for your efforts. However, inclusion or exclusion of each stock or receipt element greatly affects the GATP output, and the decision needs to be fully analyzed.

Global Available To Promise (GATP) Overview

While not implemented as broadly as SNP or PPDS, we can not think of a very good reason why so little is written on the module as it is a constant module of interest among clients.


Following are the functionalities using GATP allows you to answer questions related to promising products to your customers. Atlanta, Georgia – Newell Brands. GATP quickly makes information available to provide real-time optimized decision support.

What this type of AC should have been called is a planned stock AC. See by clicking the image below: If component availability is the critical factor for your planning, multilevel ATP is the best option. After the green checkbox button is selected, we then are taken to the ATP screen, which in this case shows a very large quantity of stock which can be committed against any potential sales order.

This horizon is entered in the ATP tab of the product location master. This is because I also changed the date of the ATP check. The company is also a leader in connecting many vendors seamlessly into its website. Basically, multilevel ATP explodes a bill of material BOM for the assembled product, then checks the availability of each item at the component level.

So, unexpected demands from the customers are to be fulfilled by defining the priorities and rules as per the business expectations specially in make-to-stock scenario. Open link in a new tab.

Of these alternatives, Multilevel ATP Check is the most complicated, and best suited for assemble to order operations.

As far as the published material shortage, this surprising because GATP is one of the original SCM modules, so there has been plenty of time to document it.

Introduction to SAP APO GATP

I found this definition from a link I provided in the references:. In pratice, this means vatp information must be made available as soon as possible in order to support optimized decision-making.


Amazon could, if desired, stop fulfilling orders and simply serve as a website to match supply and demand. CTP is beneficial for Steel manufacturers, paper, chemical Industries. The order checking begins in SD when the order pao tested. If that describes you, just fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch asap.

How many vacation days do you get per GATP offers the ability to perform a global multi location check.

Introduction to SAP GATP aka Global Available to Promise • *Brightwork | SAP Planning

They are described as follows:. Each has different functionality and also different levels of configuration and maintenance effort, in addition to different levels of data update and quality requirements. This article will explain important aspects of GATP. One of the major differences between availability checking in SAP SD and ggatp GATP is that GATP apoo out across many different locations, comparing forecasted inventory positions with planned demand, and returning both a promise quantity and a location that will satisfy the demand.

In addition, it permits certain products to be substituted as required to successfully satisfy customer demands. ATP tree structures are used for the following:. In branched supply chain networks, rules-based ATP hatp companies to take full advantage of multiple shipping assets to ship goods from alternative sites to customers. These are all optional entries, and GATP can be configured to include all of these, or any combination of them.