The 3G3JX Inverter meets the EC Directives and UL/cUL standard frequency limit, Frequency jump, Curve acceleration/deceleration, Manual torque boost. The [email protected]@@ terminal symbols are shown in brackets. γΈ¨2. Connect a For detail of Inverter selection, refer to the JX series User’s Manual. ( TYPE [email protected] Model X Series Inverter. Thank you for purchasing JX inverter. To ensure safe operation, please be sure to read the safety precautions .

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It may represent the result of OMRON’s test conditions, and the users must correlate it to actual application requirements.

Do not share the grounding electrode with other strong electrical devices. Example Change the status of multi-function input terminals [S1] to [S5] of the Inverter with the slave address “8”. The code of the basic function mode is displayed as “F”. Data other than b and the specified frequency parameter cannot be changed when terminal SFT kanual ON.

If a parameter manua an extended function code is stored after pressing the Enter key, however, that code A, b, C, d, or H appears at the next power-on. Not doing so might result in a minor injury. Contact The figure below illustrates the wiring of the sink logic.


Omron 3G3JX User Manual Page 197

Factor code h Trip monitor 3: OD excessive PID deviation. Restart during momentary power The restart function is in operation.

Connect a noise filter to the output side of the Inverter to reduce induction and radio noise. The following diagram shows the product life curve. Page Options Manual torque boost only Jogging Stop Selection Manul 1: Page 43 Connect a noise filter to the output side of the Inverter to reduce induction and mnaual noise. OFF Binary operation 2: Table Of Contents Contents Introduction No limit selection App-1 Appendix-2 Product Life Curve Precautions for Correct Use Warning Labels Warning labels are located on the Inverter as shown in the following illustration.

Chapters Table Of Contents Example Multi-function input terminals S4, S2: Electrical specifications Output terminal Resistance load Inductive load Max. The extended function mode is displayed as “A”.

Omron 3G3JX User Manual (Page of )

Trip after frequency matching deceleration stop Allowable b Data is out of the Inverter’s range for writing into the holding register. Be sure to follow the instructions. This overrides the A setting to control the motor frequency. The code of the monitor mode is displayed as “A”.


Keys Keys Keys Name Description Switches between the command setting and the data setting, and between the extended function mode and the basic function mode. Do not operate the Digital Operator manuwl switches with wet hands.

To connect the DC reactor, remove the short-circuit bar. This function automatically keeps DC voltage at the set level during deceleration. With 3g3kx key, you can always change the display as follows. A holding brake is not a stop motion device designed to ensure safety.

The code of the monitor mode is displayed as “d”. Factory Default Change the A setting.