Study Flashcards On 2T CDC Pre-Test Edit Code 03 at Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. makes it easy to get the . Study Flashcards On Vol.1 Air Trans 2T Self-Test Questions Unit 1 at Cram. com. Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. makes it. Free flashcards to help memorize facts about Edition of the 2T Volume 1 CDC. Other activities to help include hangman, crossword, word scramble.

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When the SET is equal for two or more shipments, you determine which shipments are processed first by using the. If an authorized distinguished visitor DV will be going directly to the aircraft and not through the passenger terminal for travel, how will this passenger receive an antihijack inspection?

Water reaches the requested capacity or 11 gallons, whichever comes first. One current year plus one inactive fiscal year as permanent at the base staging area. A co-worker wants help determining if two pieces of hazardous cargo are compatible with each other. Person recording the information, the Julian date, and start and complete times. Three copies; one to the passenger, one for passenger service records, and one for the in-flight kitchen.

Which one of the following is considered acceptable? The spouts will be covered in plastic. Water discharges from the overflow fitting or until water discharges from the overflow fitting. You are loading tanks on a C aircraft and want to find specific loading procedures for these items. Which L pallets and nets are designated as war reserve material WRM? When making a flight information announcement about a departing flight that has been delayed, you should update passengers every.


In which publication would you look? Which hazardous materials class consists of infectious and toxic materials?

How many of these pallets maximum can you ship in one stack, provided adequate dunnage is appropriately placed, and excluding the base support pallet?

CDC 2t251 Volume 3

Prepare yourself so you know exactly which information you need to brief them about the subject. Lightning is 2r251 within a 5-nautical-mile radius; immediately take shelter in a safe place. File it in your personal information file for later use in your performance appraisal. The driver may exit once the vehicle is in position and the driver engages the parking brake.

Which form must be on the shipment to identify this requirement? Please take the quiz to rate it. Have your supervisor place all dcc in a safe, inside a secure area.

Store the pallets out of the way until the originating station can reproduce the manifests. If you are loading passengers on a C—17 that departs atat what time should the last passenger be loaded on the aircraft to protect against mission delays?

Consumption factors from previously flown missions along the same route and the actual number of passengers manifested only. You received a vaccine shipment that can be removed from refrigeration for short periods of time. When is the exemption for this is when. Before passengers walk through the magnetometer, they must. It reduces the need 2t2511 federal standards and regulations How must they be 2t51 you pick them up so will they stay clean? Facilitate installation-to-installation rotation to integrate into their daily 2f251 stocks.

A copy of this quiz is in your dashboard. What must you do with these meals?

CDC 2T Volume 1 – ProProfs Quiz

Silence the walk-through magnetometer and allow them to pass through again. Once you have assigned people to various work crews, you must ensure that they. In which publication would you look? Which form will you and your supervisor use to document this training? While sorting through net sets, you discover several unserviceable RFID tags still attached to the nets. Tell them to be travel t2251 and let them know when you change space-available categories.


Each ring on the Type V airdrop platform can restrain up to how many pounds? How many pallets can the C hold in its aerial delivery system and its logistics rail system, respectively? Which type of organization is created to accomplish missions with specific, limited objectives and is dissolved when no longer needed? During ERO operations, in all cases, the load team can approach the aircraft once.

What is your best course of action? Keep a running log of their activities so they can report back to you every detail. To operate properly, what do most explosives detection devices require before you use them? Geographical or functional What is the maximum and minimum drop weights of the Type V airdrop platform?

Taking pictures of the helicopters you loaded on the C—5 and posting them on the internet.

Passenger service personnel will be summoned to the aircraft with a handheld magnetometer to conduct the inspection. Cc you are a part of the traffic management specialty in the transportation career field, which duties would you perform? What is the first step in briefing passengers? Return to your starting point Consenting to a frisk by security forces personnel or sign an anti-hijacking waiver.