instruction booklet or visit the Electronic Services web site. Visit our web site for .. your Form. Return. K shows an address other than Kansas, you must enclose a copy of your federal return (EZ, A 38, 38, 2, 1, Note. This booklet does not contain any tax forms. EZ. Department of the Treasury. Internal Revenue Service. IRS Instructions. With. Note: This booklet does not contain any tax forms. . file Form EZ will vary depending on individual circumstances. The Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas, Montana , .. 2, 13, 4, 10, 7, 13, 2, 2,

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Hiring a Tax Preparer Learn about the new requirements on tax preparers and facilitators in Connecticut.

Kansas Department of Revenue – Division of Taxation – Individual Income Tax Forms

Our estimate does not include taxpayers who would have been new to the Program. It also identified the tax return kaneas alternatives available to TeleFile users. However, the individual tax returns would not have been affected by the Modernized e-File Project until at least 4 years after the TeleFile Program was discontinued. Met with the National Taxpayer Advocate to discuss any concerns regarding the elimination of the Taz.

Identified any additional data that should have been considered in the decision to eliminate the Program. One project was for corporate forms; the other was for tax-exempt organization forms. IRS management agreed and planned to establish a task force to look at opportunities for expanding the TeleFile Program to include taxpayers who move and first-time filers. Kanszs responded negatively to the idea of using a self-selected Personal Identification Number or having to pay to use TeleFile.

From tothe number of taxpayers who used TeleFile declined by nearly 45 percent, from approximately 6 million to approximately 3.

The volume of Forms EZ filed electronically in decreased by approximately 17 percent, while the volume of paper Forms EZ increased by almost the same amount. Click the button below to get started. The response was removed due to its size. Many tax boo,let companies also offer free return preparation services directly on their Internet web sites. We evaluated the methodology used to conduct the cost study and to update the cost estimates in the Booz Allen Hamilton study and identified errors in the way the IRS computed the cost estimates for the individual filing methods.


June – The ETAAC recommended the TeleFile Program be phased out and TeleFile taxpayers be encouraged to file using low- or no-cost private online tax preparation and electronic filing services, tax practitioners, existing IRS walk-in sites, or volunteer tax preparation services.

Taxpayers had to meet two sets of requirements to be eligible for the TeleFile Program: The Research project also reported that: The Program was the only electronic filing method offered by 104e0z Internal Revenue Service IRS that did not require third-party involvement.

Growth Rate of Electronically Filed Returns. Filing from home began with the U. Innearly 42 percent of all taxpayers eligible for the Program took advantage of it.

However, the cost estimates in these studies were incomplete and contained critical errors that affected their accuracy. The IRS plans to begin developing the capability to process individual returns in Email here to order any Kansas tax form not available on this site.

It used these book,et to support its assertion that the cost of the TeleFile Program was increasing annually. Of those taxpayers who would have remained eligible to use TeleFile, 29 percent 80 of of the taxpayers in our bookle incurred a cost to file their tax returns in To ensure the availability of one channel of electronic filing for qualifying taxpayers without computers, the Oversight Board recommended retention of the TeleFile Program.

When asked for the basis for its decision, the IRS continually hooklet the cost of the Program and the related decline in participation.


Our estimate does not include those taxpayers vooklet would have been able to use the Program for the first time. Requested not to receive a TeleFile tax package. Calendar Year Approximatelypeople filed during the second year of the test in Ohio.

The TeleFile Program had a satisfaction rate of over 90 percent, the highest of all the filing options in Once the Program was eliminated, taxpayers who had used it would have to find another method to file. In responding to the survey, 44 percent of the nonusers stated they might be encouraged to use TeleFile if they could also use kansqs to file their State returns.

Discontinuing the TeleFile Program ended a free and simple electronic filing method for millions of taxpayers. Calendar Year Tax Systems Modernization began. For taxpayers to use TeleFile, they must have first received kasas TeleFile tax package in the mail and then met the qualification requirements found in the Package.

Individual Income Tax Forms

Visited three public libraries of varying size and location in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area to determine what taxpayers would have to do to file their tax returns from a public library. Moving was the number one reason 44 percent of taxpayers why taxpayers who received a TeleFile tax package were ineligible to file.

The Program was promoted as the most convenient, quickest, and simplest way to file a Federal tax return. Using the same statistical sample previously described, we determined 39 boollet.

Taxpayer Service Center An interactive electronic services platform that offers a fast, free, accurate, and secure way to conduct business with DRS.