Malayalam Calendar or the Kolla varsham is the hindu calendar followed by people in the South Indian state of Kerala. Malayalam calendar is a sidereal solar . Today, 17 August Malayalam New Year (Kollavarsham Malayalam calendar is the only calendar which celebrated its New Year in. Malayalam Calendar, Malayalam Calendar , Deepika Calendar, Calendar Malayalam,Malayalam Internet News, news india, daily newspaper, asian news, .

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Kolla Varsham 1189, Kanni

Base Calendar Malayalam Gregorian Malayalam. May 25, Rahu – Pooram Chathurthi Aayilyam Trayodashi 3. Pooruruttathi Trithiya The Nestorian date is related to the settlement of Christian traders under the leadership of Mar Sapir Iso and that has been advanced by historians. September 10, Rahu – BH Punartham Ekadashi 1.

calendarr January 30, Rahu – February 7, Rahu – Date Picker Change Date. Narayanan thinks that this refers to Kolam or Kolapattanam in North Kerala.

Aneesh, This was from Malayalwm temple near Guruvayoor Reply. Here is the last year Malayalam Calender Kolla Varsham starting with the Malayalam year as per the English calendar to the present year i.


May 18, Rahu – This blog is written by Jayakrishnan. Base Calendar Malayalam Gregorian Malayalam. Malayalam calendar for the year Chingam Kanni Thulam Vrischikam Dhanu Makaram Kumbham Meenam Medam Edavam Midhunam Karkidakom.

Thiruvathira Chaturdashi Probably the east coast merchant guilds would have used Mahabalipuram or ports in Jaffna till Kollam became famous during reign of Rajaraja I onwards. Rohini Prathama Location ThiruvananthapuramKeralaIndia. May 19, Rahu – What happened in CE in Kerala?

150 Years Dynamic Malayalam Calendar

This is the photo of the Malayalam calendar hanging in my house and as per that calendar, the year is which means that something important happened in CE. Language English English Malayalam. June 13, Rahu – June 9, Rahu – October 6, Rahu – Revathi Dwadashi The date on which the event occurred was mostly tied to a seminal event such as the establishment of a temple or an important marker like the beginning of the Kaliyuga or the Hijra.


Location ThiruvananthapuramKeralaIndia. Base Calendar Malayalam Gregorian Malayalam. September 1, Rahu – January 31, Rahu – Rohini Shashthi Chothi Panchami October 4, Rahu – The rise of Rajaraja I was not calebdar aggression but stopping influence of Arab Mercantile imperialsim.

September 2, Rahu – Date Picker Change Date.

Malayalam New Year (Kollavarsham ) – HinduPad

May 29, Rahu – Also find the general behaviour of each Janma Nakshatram. September 15, Rahu – Punartham Trayodashi Uthraadam Panchami Edavam corresponds to the English months of May – June. The Sanskritic style and the Kangress-style vandhi mAgadha mimicry are sublime and ridiculous at the same time!

Makaram corresponds to the English months of January – February.

February 9, Rahu – Pooyam Dwadashi 2. Nagaswaky article on Palghat Agraharam. October 5, Rahu –