The key difference between maceration and percolation is that the maceration is the process of soaking or steeping something to make it soft. Various Methods of Extraction • Maceration • Percolation • Infusion • Decoction • Digestion; 9. Purposes of Extraction • The sole purpose of. Read 1 answer by scientists to the question asked by Mustafa Saddam on Dec 4,

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Difference Between Maceration and Percolation –

Sometimes special pots known as infusion pots are used for the preparation of infusions. The drug is treated with menstruum for a definite period under specified condition of temperature and pressure. Among them, their use in preparation tinctures is perdolation popular. Filtration is necessary to remove insoluble cell contents obtained during the pressing of marc. Furthermore, maceration is also carried to preserve food that is sold in its packed form.

Similarly, loose packing will allow the menstruum to pass through quickly resulting in incomplete contact with the drug. After packinga piece of filter paper is placed over top of the bed, on which small quantity of washed sand anc placed to prevent disturbance of the packed material.

The active ingredient will come out in the water.

Infusion, Decoction, Expression, Maceration, Percolation

Maceration with adjustment – a process for tinctures made from unorganized drugs such as oleo-resins and gum resins. What is Maceration 3. This will increase the penetration power of the menstruum, so that there is complete extraction of the drug. Physical character of the drug: In this process, the drug is macerated twice by using the menstruum which is divided into two parts in such a manner that the same volume is used for each maceration. Purified water is added to adjust the specified weight.


In such cases Soxhlet extractor is used where small volume of hot menstruum is passed over the drug time and again to dissolve out the active constituents until the drug is exhausted. Volume of menstruum required for second maceration.

Soxhlation process of extraction is used to.

The quantity of menstruum required for two macerations are calculated as follows:. The various preparations prepared by using psrcolation of the above methods are Infusions, Decoctions, Spirits, Elixirs, Extracts etc. After maceration, straining and pressing of the marc, measured volume volume of liquid is obtained. Multiple maceration – a process to prepare concentrated extract. II Penetration of the solvent into the drug: Therefore, this is the key difference between maceration and percolation.

After dissolution the solid materails has to be strained off. Water or alcohol is used as menstruum and the drug menstruum ratio is 1: Gentian Cascara, Belladonna Ipecacuanha. Maceration and percolation are two important processes used to separate out interested components from a mixture.

Difference Between Maceration and Percolation

Belladonna extract is obtained from the leaves of the plant Atropa belladonna. The term, maceration, is also used in the preparation of the specimens from the skeleton. Tolu syrup has some aromatic odour and flavour and it is believed to have a macertaion expectorant action.

At the end of the procedure, the required substances can be found in the liquid portion. The marc is wrapped in cloth, is placed in the perforated inner vessel, which is enclosed in another vessel having an outlet for the expressed liquid. The period of maceration is reduced from 7 to 2 days in some cases, because the unorganized drugs behave like simple chemicals that dissolve in the solvent very easily and quickly.

  ISO IEC 9126-3 PDF

Dry extract – obtained by completely perdolation the solvent under reduced pressure. Mehta [Diploma – Ist year]. To recover the residual liquid pressure may be applied by a hydraulic press.

Degree of size reduction. Both methods facilitate the extraction of desired substances from a mixture.

Difference Between Maceration and Percolation l Maceration vs Percolation

It does not retain the menstruum and hence it is not necessary to press the marc. Factors affecting the choice of extraction process. When the liquid begins to drip from the bottom of the percolator, the tap fitted at its maceraion is closed. Concentrated compound infusion of gentian. The drug is allowed to stand for few days. This marc can be expressed i.

IV Escape of the solution from the cells: Percolation, on the other hand, targets taking some pollutant or colour out of a mixture. Type of the drug. Once material has passed through maceratjon boundary layer, mass transfer takes place by bulk movement of the solution, known as eddy diffusion.

When macerating fruits, ingredients such as sugar, lemon juice and spices can be added at the time of the crushing and sprinkling.