LSAT Large Print Answer Sheet. NS2. Instructions for completing items 1 through 14 are on the back cover of your test booklet. 1. Test Date (MM/DD/YYYY). 2. BIOGRAPHICAL AREA ARE ON THE BACK COVER OF YOUR TEST BOOKLET. USE ONLY A NO. 2 OR HB PENCIL TO COMPLETE THIS ANSWER SHEET. To hold my place I usually make small tick marks off to the side of the numbers on the scantron sheet so I don’t mess up bubbling in each.

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Submit a new text post. Find out the LSAT test dates so you know when you can take the test, and the registration deadlines so you can make sure you don’t miss your chance by checking out our list of upcoming LSAT Test Dates.

Mod message and it’ll get sorted. You signed scantroh agreement not to disclose anything from the test. Check out the Reddit FAQ wiki. And don’t shame anyone for their score.

You should use this answer sheet even if you are only doing one timed LSAT section. This is the answer sheet you will be using on the day of the LSAT. It doesn’t matter if you’re taking a course or studying on your own, these FREE tools will help you study better and improve your score! You can use this to print as many copies as you want.


The app also includes a grader, all the logic game explanations, access to your course, and more! Don’t downvote new posts unless they’re clearly irrelevant. The Pre-Test Proctor is optional – it’s what proctors will say before the exam. See the top law schools rankings from year to year in our chart in full technicolor.

Log in or sign up in seconds. After taking the September test, you can’t talk about the questions until the test is released a month later.

Where can I get an exam answer sheet? | Blueprint Nest Step Help Center

LSAT subscribe unsubscribe 20, readers users here now New here? This is the newest test that is freely available. Just click on the LSAT answer sheet to open the full file and press ctrl-p or cmd-p to print it. Simulate the LSAT test environment perfectly, anytime, anywhere. You can definitely ask about specific questions: You must be logged in to post a comment. zheet

Free LSAT Prep Materials: Lessons, LSAT Practice, and LSAT Proctor – 7Sage

Perfect tool for online LSAT preparation. You can get a free account here. Don’t post LSAC copyrighted content.

LSAT questions Don’t sueet the correct or incorrect answers to specific questions in a post title. Only difference is the actual ones are red. FAQ My post isn’t appearing It’s probably in the spam filter. If you want to ask about a specific question, do not paste the question.

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Where can I get an exam answer sheet?

Post a submissionor check out these sites:. Want to add to the discussion? So if you don’t bubble your answer onto the answer sheet, you’re giving yourself extra time, and test day will be a shock.

This is what proctors use to run things on test day. Submit a new link. If you’re a new account, make some comments before submitting. Post a submissionor check out these sites: See this post for a full statement from LSAC. I’m referring to unreleased tests, shret.

This includes procedurally generated distraction noises, turbo mode, realistic virtual timer, five minute warnings, real instructions, and more. Don’t link to content that infringes copyright e. Transferring your answers from the test to the answer sheet takes minutes. It’s a good idea to describe the question, and which part of it you found confusing.

That’s a copyright violation.

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