Love Unscripted: The Love Series, Book 1 [Tina Reber] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An A-List Movie Star Ryan Christensen just. I was told that this book basically felt a lot like Thoughtless minus Denny and boy were they freaking RIGHT!! For those of you who were also. Love Unscripted Tina Reber. Taryn Mitchell is a twenty seven year old tavern owner whose heart has been broken one too many times. Her last.

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Anyways, I loved Taryn and Ryan’s love story, cannot wait for the second one!

I didn’t just like this story‚Ķ I was completely unscriphed by it. And he becomes even more as he gets his own storyline no spoilers here!

Jan 07, Tough Critic Book Reviews rated it really liked it. What a tumultuous ride! I felt like they handled them well, together. I have to eat humble pie about my words below. So much so, that when on location in Seaside, RI, when only unscriped for a short break, he found himself seeking cover from a crowd of women chasing him. Sep 14, Karen rated it it was amazing.

Second, here’s the very next sentence; “They obviously knew each other very well.

By book’s end, Taryn is only marginally more trusting of Ryan’s devotion to her, and Ryan is only marginally more relaxed towards exposing her to his ‘horrible stalking’ fans. Ryan Christensen is definitely on my list of fantasy boyfriends. I mean, if he was a real person, I would be a total fangirl. Taryn, I loved her from the first pageshe was an amazing characterwith a heart of gold.


What a refreshing change from all of the angst and rebeer. Open Preview See a Problem? Mostly the paparazzi, and screaming fans, but they dealt with them well. If I swooned over him in the first book, I S.

My pulse quickened and my fingers started to tremble. That first meeting was probably one of my favorite scenes, it felt so natural and easy with that friendly-harmless-awkward flirting that just made me grin the entire time.

Some highlight moments that melted my heart: Quotes from Love Unrehearsed. It’s initially what made me read her book.

Lupton rated it it was amazing Shelves: I hadn’t realized those two things were separate and could be done simultaneously! Will say the angst level in this bk is WAY down from the last.

Love Unrehearsed (Love, #2) by Tina Reber

We watch the struggles between Ryan, a Hollywood A-Rated actor, prove to bar owner Taryn, that the stories printed on the coves of the tabloid are false. Though I didn’t enjoyed the wedding that much I answer all messages sent to me on my Facebook author page: Even though the book had a very attention grasping startvery natural dialogues, in the first few chapters, somewhere in the middle the author lost track of the story and just seemed to have dragged it on another pages just for the heck of it.


What woman doesn’t fantasise about meeting their favourite Hollywood crush and having them fall madly in love with them! Eventually the book went form being exciting and romant I know a lot of people are really loving this series. Overall, this book was just too freaking long. This series will definitely be a re-read for me in the future. I can honestly say that there is NO stupidity in this book. Makes me want a feisty little friend like Marie, especially if she’d let me gaze at and drool over sexy Mike.

She is every girls dream best friend. The detail was numbing and the exclamation points were just too much.

Love Unscripted

So, going into this book, I was a bit nervous, but also anxious to see if Taryn and Ryan could really make it wo I’m going to start by saying, if you haven’t read LU1, don’t read this review. I’m a guy who never writes reviews, nor do I read Romantic or erotic novels. I give that one a 2. It’s not easy being in the limelight or having people constantly try to rip.

That is, till trouble walked or flew in her bar.