Lost Spring/ Lost Spring. Stories of Stolen Childhood. About the author. Anees Jung () was born in Rourkela and spent her childhood and adolescence. The story, “Lost Spring” describes the pitiable condition of poor children Anees Jung gives voice to eliminate child labour by educating the. Anees Jung gives voice to eliminate child labour by educating the Ans. Anees Jung has portrayed two stories in ‘Lost Spring’ and both depict.

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They had left Dhaka because of storms and floods. He is not happy as he has lost his freedom as he is bound to the owner of the tea stall who is his master. When the author asked the children why they were always barefootone said it was because his mother had not pulled his shoes from the shelf while the other explanation was that it was a tradition in their community to walk barefoot.

Seemapuri was a deserted area when the Bangladeshis arrived here three decades ago. Later Saheb joins a aneed stall where he could earn Rupees and all losr meals. He was a rag picker. The elders have made it their profession for a fixed wages whereas for the children rag picking is a game of treasure-hunting.

Ruby Jain rated it really liked it Sep 25, There are quite a few things that are unreachable to them, namely shoes, tennis and the like. Thank you very much Nicely explained You should also give the meanings of difficult words Thanks again.

Sneh Pradhan rated it liked it Dec 27, The children come across a coin or two from it. Tanuj Kumar added it Mar 23, Though the garage is a long way from his home yet he insists I will go to the garage and learn.


The author means to indicate the timely changes education brings to people and how the illiterate rag pickers remain unchanged, carrying the rotten traditions.

How, in your opinion, can Mukesh realise his dream? There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Stories of Stolen Childhood by Anees Jung. He is satisfied with the more tangible and attainable dream related to the fast moving cars that he saw on the streets each day. What is he looking for in the garbage dumps and where has he come from? Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Pranoti Kakdey marked it as to-read Dec 03, Saheb-e-Alam, a refugee from Dhaka, Bangladesh is a ragpicker. He will learn to drive a car and does not hesitate to go to the far off garage.

Saheb sacrificed his freedom when he took job at the tea stall but Mukesh insisted on being his own master. He has no desire to live and become the victim of poverty. She was born in Hyderabad in in an aristocratic family. There are flames of flickering oil lamps, the blinding polishing and the welding work put a deep impact on their bodies.

Going Places Summary Class 12th English. Mukesh, born at Firozabad bangle maker —works under inhuman condition—dark room, hot furnaces—caught in web of poverty—vicious circle of sahukars, policemen, politicians, bureaucrats and moneylenders—resigned to fate—unaware of child labour act—stifled initiation and hope—lose eyesight before becoming adults.

Paperbackpages. Tony Sheldon marked it as to-read May 03, The author did not quite believe it and realized that it was their perpetual state of poverty which was responsible for their moving around in that manner. The author meets him and asks why he does not go to school. The book is devoid of any emotion whatsoever which forces you not to sympathize with the characters.


Lost Spring: Stories of Stolen Childhood by Anees Jung

This site uses Spfing to reduce spam. His family has migrated from Bangladesh in search of a better life. Nov 30, Vikas b it really liked it. Their fields and homes had been swept away by storms. He was the adviser to the last Nizam of Hyderabad princely state. Spring is the Season of optimism and hope.

The description of India’s problems by two distinct worlds in author own language,- “one of the sringcaught in a web of povertyburdened by the stigma of caste in which they are born; the other a vicious circle of the sahukars, the middleman, the policeman, the keepers of law, the bureaucrats and the politicians.

Garbage is a means of survival for the elders and for the children it is something wrapped in wonder.

Lost Spring: Stories of Stolen Childhood

Gari rated it really liked it Sep 14, They had food and shelter here. They did not know that it was illegal for children to work in that hazardous condition in the oost factories. This is very much informative… Thank you so much… It is really helpful to just briefly read the important points and questions before the exams.

The second part deals with the life of Mukesh, who belongs to the family of Bangle-makers. Akhand Bhandari marked it as to-read Mar 28, He sometimes lots to find a rupee or even ten rupees.