Vulvar lipoma is a rare tumor localization and only a few cases have been reported. The clinical characteristics of vulvar lipoma are well known. Significant signs and symptoms or complications are generally not observed; Vulvar Lipoma usually occurs just below the skin (subcutaneous. Lipomas are multilobular benign tumours of fat usually arising in the present a case of a large vulvar lipoma in a year old woman.

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Vilvar atypical lipomatous tumors of the vulva: Incision was made along the lateral margin of mucosa on the right vulva longitudinally as to conceal the scar from being visible. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Whereas solitary lipomas are more common in women, the presence of multiple lipomas lipomatosis is more common in men.

Tumorectomy was carried out under general anesthesia. Introduction Lipomas constitute the most common soft tissue tumors.

The final diagnosis should be based on histopathological evaluation. Copcu 8 reported that chronic minor traumas might trigger the formation and enlargement of lipomas, and described two cases of sport-induced scapular lipomas in a volleyball player and a table tennis player.


Liloma felt uncomfortable anytime she wore tight-fitting underwear. Large lipoma of the vulva. Signorini M, Campiglio GL.

InDe Lima Filho et al. Cut sections of the tumours showed lobulated yellow tissue without haemorrhage or necrosis. Sign in to access your subscriptions Sign in to your personal account. The lipomas were removed by complete surgical excision and the diagnosis confirmed by histopatholology.

Large Vulvar Lipoma

Open in a separate window. She was the second child, and her mother had bulvar a threatened abortion in her ninth week of pregnancy.

Lipomas are the most common benign tumors of soft tissues. A precise diagnosis should allow for appropriate surgical treatment. There were no visible or palpable cough impulse or inguinal lymphadenopathy, and bimanual pelvic examinations were normal.

Microscopic examination revealed circumscribed benign tumours composed of mature adipocytes Figure 2 confirming the diagnosis of vulvar lipoma. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.

Vulvar lipoma: a case report.

A tentative diagnosis of vulvar lipoma was made in each case. Histologically, they must be distinguished from well differentiated lipoma-like liposarcomas by extensive tumor sampling.

The overlying skin was freely mobile over each mass. However, conventional lipomas have been reported only rarely as presenting in the vulva.


Vulvar Lipoma: Is It So Rare?

Benign tumors of the vulva are normally classified according to their origin as epithelial cell tumors e. Here we document a case of such a rare large vulvar lipoma in an adolescent with a review of the literature. Benign tumours of the vulva are usually classified according to their origin as epithelial or mesenchymal cell tumors. National Center for Lipooma InformationU.

Our patient presented with a painless and slow-growing right vulvar mass that had evolved over one year, which had suddenly become uncomfortable when walking.

Large Vulvar Lipoma | JAMA Dermatology | JAMA Network

The tumor seemed to be asymptomatic. Large vulvar lipoma in an adolescent: This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Sign in to save your search Sign in to your personal account. Vulva, lipoma, benign neoplasm, surgical excision.