The Conspiracy Against the Human Race has ratings and reviews. Bill said: Are you one of those hardcore True Detective fans held in thrall by. In Thomas Ligotti’s first nonfiction outing, an examination of the meaning (or meaninglessness) of life through an insightful, unsparing argument. ‚ÄúThere is a signature motif discernible in both works of philosophical pessimism and supernatural horror. It may be stated thus: Behind the.

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Once I realized that I couldn’t stand to read the book cover-to-cover, I tried to read each section separately. The fact I don’t agree does not diminish the dark grandeur of this book on tittle or jot. Archived from the original on 20 November Maybe the secret lies in the acerbic wit that draws together high philosophy and Lovecraftian horror fiction to paint a complex image of the dread lurking at the center of things.

It would take but the slightest of perspective alterations for the true and unadulterated horror of our reality to burst forth in all its macabre might: Yet that disturbing familiarity regards what most consider an utterly useless process.

Thomas Ligotti

As Ligotti says himself, being optimist or pessimist is largely a matter of personal disposition, as we all use logic to solidify the positions dictated by our emotions.

Ligotti is a genius in his writing and expounds a powerful argument about the bleakness of human existence and its unremitting struggle with consciousness, the mother of all horrors. The 21 Comspiracy Album Re-Issues of Inthe music world saw amazing reissues spanning rock titans to indie upstarts and electronic to pop of all stripes. Brite mentioned these notions with a rhetorical question: View all 4 comments.


Talk about depressive realismfor example, which is an actual psychological term but is never mentioned at all in the book. He also shows that the This book was a weird experience. Penguin’s release of The Conspiracy Against the Human Race comes as an even more pleasant surprise, if it’s possible to use that phrase for logotti a book.

The Conspiracy Against The Human Race

As well, consciousness seems to demand meaning to life, but life itself merely is and has no greater purpose, thus requiring us to place a layer of false meaning over life to find a reason to go on. The enthusiasm of Ligotti’s devotees is thoroughly understandable. Lovers of skeptical, rather bitter, ruminations about the world should be warned. That’s just as reasonable a question to ask, and just as unanswerable, but unlike Ligotti I’m not going to kigotti a part of my argument on it.

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The Conspiracy against the Human Race by Thomas Ligotti | : Books

Samsara the Buddhist name for the world is indeed a thin and unsatisfactory veneer spread over a canyon filled with bones. Indeed, the weight of a world that is not built around us must be dealt with by any serious thinker. Also among his avowed influences are Algernon BlackwoodM. There is too much repetition of both themes and language ‘vehicular misadventure’! Through impressively wide-ranging discussions of and reflections on literary and philosophical works of a pessimistic bent, he shows that the greatest horrors are not the products of our imagination.


The first person I came across who did deal with the ramifications of an existence from a true materialistic perspective, was Peter Watts with his novel Blindsight. The 60 Best Songs of playlist Mixed Media. The horror of the unknown. And, given all the things that might happen, possibly a stupid one. The human condition is one of considerable variation and it is no surpise that, within that variation, there should be highly articulate and literary extreme self-hating pessimists.

Ligotti has also provided blurbs for books by Eddie M. I myself, holding a religious perspective disagree on the conclusions he arrives at, particularly on the static reality of nature.

His argumentation is without flaw, given his initial premises, the givens and axioms of his world. In other projects Wikiquote. What objective meaning is there?

The end result is a smorgasbord offering of essential concepts and theories which underpin the rendering of existence. He shows us the basis of horror, rooted not in the supernatural beyond, but much closer conepiracy home.