Depending on where you are you might already be a big fan of Lex Arcana. It’s a hugely popular game. The Dark Eye is very popular in. With a dream team of authors and artists, Quality Games is going to republish Lex Arcana, one of the most loved Italian RPG ever!. A GenCon I got to demo Lex Arcana, an apparently popular game in Italy that is getting kickstarted for an English edition. The game had a dice.

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The Heroes of Lex Arcana are the members of the Cohors Arcana and must investigate and eliminate the threats that roam inside and outside the Empire, bringing back to the scholars of Rome the knowledge of obscure magic. Players take the role of Custodes wardens of the Cohors Auxiliaria Arcana, Imperial agents sent on missions to the most distant and dangerous corners of the Roman Empire and beyond.

This game is rich in flavour. Our partners have a long experience in business management, in this and other fields. Depending on where you are you might already be a big fan of Lex Arcana.

Lex Arcana | RPG | RPGGeek

Ultime ore per approfittare della Campagna Kickstarter! And well… lots of things will be tagged as inexplicable phenomena, like the Pompei eruption in the adventure arcanx we are creating as leex second stretch goal. Meet other roleplayers and join the Geek Native Facebook page. We’ll ship anywhere in the world and, if this campaign is successful, shipping costs will be collected after the Kickstarter campaign.


Lex Arcana is the most successful Italian roleplaying game ever. Read and you will be astonished!

Join the Cohors Auxiliaria Arcana!

Advanced starter-set copies will be going out to journalists and reviewers of the industry to give newcomers the best view of this complex game and world. Thankfully a translation is always in brackets afterwards. Here the Italic town of Ancona, on the Adriatic Sea, with also description in English for our not speaking Italian friends. Ancient cults reap new victims with increasing frequency. Schermo del Demiurgo Lex Arcana.

What sort of characters can you play and what are the missions like?

Lex Arcana – An Empire Without End RPG by Quality Games — Kickstarter

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. All you need to decide is who lec be the Demiurgeyour game master. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Arccana truly unique part, however, is that players get to decide what combination of dice to roll. You will roll Coordinatio Coordination. All characters in Lex Arcana are members of the Preatorian Guard and very well trained. I supported because… “this is where all my herd nomies hang out. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Economic growth has brought greater wealth to all the population and many peoples outside its borders are considered Roman citizens, protected by the invulnerable Pax Romana pex Roman Peace.

I feel my quintessential British inability to cope with foreign languages may come lec the fore with Lex Arcana. Last hours of Kickstarter Campaign! Please select a support frequency. Please refer to the ‘Reward’ picture below. The more you beat your rivals, the more dice you roll for damage the damage multiplier.


You are commenting using your Twitter account. Lex Arcana Quickstart Lex Arcana.

A free introduction to Lex Arcana: A RPG set in a magical Roman Empire

As Demiurge, you can enhance your game experience with fantastic tools with your ‘Demiurge Pack’ in print Early Eagle. Sorry that something went wrong, repeat again! If you are veteran Lex Arcana players, know that this game will stay with you at least for the next 25 years. In effetti ci avevo pensato. Wait while more posts are being loaded. Any sneak peaks at what future stretch racana might be?

A free introduction to Lex Arcana: Sep 18, – Oct 18, 30 days. The Roman Empire is far from being in crisis, but it is still besieged by barbarians all around the limes the border.

It is a world where Roman imperial legions clash with barbaric hordes on the field of battle, while ancient monsters, mystical powers and nameless cults threaten the rule of the Caesars from within. Players take on the role of the Cohors Auxiliaria Arcana: