Although part of a mentoring series (Letters to a Young Lawyer ; Letters to a Young Chef ; etc.), this memoir is less about motivating aspiring. Letters to a Young Gymnast is written for one person but the lessons inside can apply to everyone. She has a great take on sacrifice, a word that is often used in. Of the many books I have read, Letters to a Young Gymnast by Nadia Comaneci remains one of my favourites. As a gymnast and fan, I have a more than slightly.

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I equally enjoyed the non – gymnastics related parts of the book as Comaneci letters about the history and politics of her homeland, Romania, and her experience of life under a communist system.

The darling and hero of the gymnastics world finally opens up about her life and it is interesting all the way through. Aug 19, Tracy rated it it was amazing. When I began my career, I just wanted to do cartwheels. With the recent gymnastics events from China, I became interested again in the Olympics in Montreal when Nadia Comaneci transformed the sport of women’s gymnastics when she got 7 perfect “10’s” for her events.

I that that this book was extremely well written and interesting.

While this is an comabeci book, and is intended to be so, w I get from it is a better understanding of the story of two incredible people, Nadia and her famous coach Bela Karolyi. This is a lovely story of an extremely talented, determined, courageous and resilient athlete. Only the very disciplined can consider taking the mental and physical risks.


Now a woman of tremendous poise and self-assurance, she offers unique insights into the mind of a top competitor.

Letters to a Young Gymnast : Nadia Comaneci :

Everything flowed very nicely and she explained most things in full detail. Nadia now divides her time among appearances, commercial endorsement for major companies, speaking engagements, and charity events. Jul 15, Betty rated it really liked it. Such a good book!


I enjoyed learning more about Nadia’s life through her ownwords. Oct 20, Chantal rated it it was amazing Shelves: Hosted by Aerial Athletics in San Antonio, Texas, the Alamo Classic is a start to the club gymnastics meet season that gathers many talented gymnasts in a competitive arena. I have never dug into the gossip or image to what was true and what wasn’t.

From how to live after you’ve realized your dream, to the necessity lettets “a spirit forged with mettle,” Nadia’s thoughts on athleticism and sacrifice are eye-opening and surprisingly challenging. If you want to be 1, and are willing and able to do the work, he is clearly your “go to” guy.

Finding Copies 2 3 Aug 18, As far as I could tell, Nadia wrote this book herself, not using someone else to transfer her memories to the written page. Nadia started out in Onesti, Romania in a family that comped afford only the nessecities. An absolutely lovely book.


Book Review: ‘Letters to a Young Gymnast’ by Nadia Comaneci

Overall, I feel that Letters lettfrs a Young Gymnast is an excellent read for fans of gymnastics, history, politics, or all of these! The mandate had been set.

FloGymnastics will be covering the Elevate the Stage meets once again in Some of the rumours surrounding her appear to be unfounded; she was not wealthy and her relationship with the son of Ceausescu was not as it appeared.

Jan 01, Courtney Kirshe rated it really liked it. Inshe was inducted into the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame. The part that I found the most fascinating is how she stumbled upon the sport that eventually changed her life.

Letters to a Young Gymnast by Nadia Comaneci

Discover what to read next. Nadia Comaneci is a remarkable woman who enjoys her craft.

She also intersperses her narrative with her most famous gymnastic routines. This book really shows how she evolves during her years as a gymnast. If Nadia was not to compete she might have never made it to the Olympics.