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In , a new forestry law in Brazil (Lei 11,/) established the legal framework to develop state and national public forests for multiple. within the structure of the Ministry for the Environment (for the full text, see Lei/Lhtm>). (Lei /) are optimistic that conces sions will provide economic development opportunities and help modernize the nat ural forest products industry.

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The software used in the analyses was GAMS Sammendrag Glycosylation has significant effects on cancer progression. Table of Contents Alerts.

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The model can be used to investigate the impacts of concessions from public forests on the local demand and supply for timber in a given region. First, we draw upon the mathematical programming literature on the conservation reserve site selection problem, which generally aims to conserve the maximum number of species at a minimum cost or using a minimum number of reserves [ 4 — 9 ].

Altered levels of FUT8 in HCC cell lines significantly linked to the malignant behaviors of proliferation and invasion in vitro. In either situation, expressed in 6represents the policy-driven minimum number of stands or the minimum score across alternative nonlogging land uses.

For decisionmaking purposes, it is important to be able to estimate the royalty rate that permits the logging firm to just satisfy participation constraints. Thus allowing federal, state and local governments to grant to private actors the right to sustainably exploit the goods and services present in public forests. Many logging centers are located along the southern and western edges of the region.

Here, we compared N-glycan profiles of liver tumor tissues and adjacent tissues of 27 HCC patients to reveal the lej between fucosylation and HCC progression, as well as verified the potential role of miRNA in regulating fucosylation.

Equation 1 is then modified and the objective of the program becomes maximizing profits from concessions constrained by a minimum number of stands—or a minimum score—assigned to alternative land uses. The potential of each stand for each land use is assumed to be known and is denoted by. Next, we need to incorporate land uses oei than timber concessions into the model.


Fucosylation is one of the most important glycosylation events involved in hepatocellular carcinoma HCC.

Our model is able to generate simple estimates of government rent capture, assuming concessionaires are only able to capture normal profits. The law aims to strengthen forest conservation especially in the Amazon by decreasing land speculation, putting an end to fraudulent property claims grilagem and creating a socially inclusive, sustainable forest-based economy.

The latter were assumed lri be forests potentially being used by forest dwellers in their livelihood strategies in the first scenario simulated and or 3 in the second. International Journal of Forestry Research. As ofCalha Norte contained 64 million hectares of protected areas.

Currently, annual profits from logging represent one of the primary variables considered by the Brazilian Government in decisionmaking to grant concessions in public forests. In other words, the economic model maximizes the annual profits originated from the annual allowable area for harvest of The remaining profits are assumed to go to the government via a royalty mechanism that does not affect harvest decisionmaking.

Areas forbidden for logging were assigned for harvesting in the model. Baraloto for comments and suggestions. Due to the lack of suitable data, audit costs were assumed to be equivalent to certification audit costs, which vary depending on the size of the management unit.

Obviously, as the number of stands assigned to alternative land uses such as biodiversity conservation and use by communities is increased, the number of stands logged, timber volume harvested, and profits from logging decrease.

International Journal of Forestry Research

JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Figures 4 c and 4 d show results when weights are differentiated across stands with noncommodity use potential. It is worth highlighting the fact that this law does not 1184 the commercialization of carbon credits and other environmental services by the owner of the concession, as explained in art.


For simplicity, we assume that constant returns to scale across llei land uses and no agglomeration effects between any stand and the spatial composition of the forest.

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Zoning decisions in public forests, assuming that logging is the only revenue-generating activity, will create opportunity costs in terms of lost NPV. Brazilian regulations establish that management decisions in each public forest will be guided by a management plan, which will be generated based on surveys in each public forest, including forest inventories, designated important sites for biological conservation and tourism, and the location and needs of traditional forest dwellers.

Second, it can be used to estimate the revenues that can be generated from concessions and the taxes that can be collected by government through a nondistortionary royalty mechanism.

In the first set of model runs pei follow, we first assume that the spatial distribution of mills remains static. While generating optimal land use configurations conditioned upon policy objectives, the model enables an assessment of the market lfi nonmarket tradeoffs associated with different land use priorities.

In the second set of simulations, we assume that sawmills move into 14 urban centers close to the forest which currently have no sawmills, assuming new mills would be built to better take advantage leo the legal timber supply from FSF. Type Journal article Tidsskriftartikkel Peer reviewed. The parameter is assigned a priori to be either binary 0, 1 or some other score assigned by the public planner, in the case the planner has information about the relative value of different stands for a given land use alternative.