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The period from about had almost no stickers and tons of printed pieces, including many that only appeared in one or two sets.

LEGO Space Ice Station Odyssey (6983)

Finally, there’s some nice trans-orange accessories present as well: I got this set for Christmas as a child one year, and it was the most amazing thing ever. While this construction makes the rockets a lot sturdier, the main reason for using an axle is so the magnet can rotate on the rocket. The part that ,ego the magnet itself can rotate as well, giving you the opportunity to easily pick up rockets from pretty much any angle.

In my mind, they shot heat rays used to help cut fallen rockets from the ice. Meanwhile, a small construction featuring a 4×4 turntable is put on the construction placed on the lower area of the model. I had most of the pieces but still need to look for a few and then was gonna do a review of the sets I have every set except for Deep Freeze Defender but this review is excellent.

Two small skis are included for the driver to use when arriving at the scene of the fallen rocket. Posted December 22, Like the other parts, it’s a submodel, but not one that gets its own page. You can turn the blue round 2×2 brick to move the launch rig back and forth and the satellite dish up and down. Already have an account? First, the bit that makes up the base of the raising contraption consists of a 4×10 plate with a 2×10 plate to hold the rack attached at an offset.


I still haveand There was a thread on this a while ago and it seems that nobody knows anymore, not even TLG. But as a playset, it’s alright. Well, I hate to say it, but I always thought the Ice Planet looked like crap. The satellites are based on a 4H antenna and make use of a 1×1 brick with studs on all sides. Now, the next step involves some cheating. The smaller models are all in the first four pages of the instructions, after which the land base is covered in an efficient 14 steps.

The trans-orange top gives it that Ice Planet touch. Of course the buggy can’t bring any rockets back without an actual rocket carrier. After this, there is a large satellite dish that will stick out of the back of the station and is presumably used for targeting purposes.

Unfortunately, I only own three small sets. The back features an alternate image.

Ice Station Odyssey | Brickset: LEGO set guide and database

The color scheme is great though. If you get this for the build you’ll be sorely disappointed. This is where the magnets will finally come into play. Because I was that smitten with this set when I got it. No ridiculous amount of oddly-shaped booklets back in !


The trans-orange cones at the side could be whatever you want: It’s a simple 693 that you could easily make more of yourself, provided you own the right parts. The 2×10 plate prevents it from ending up in the wider part of the pit and thanks to the smooth ridge at the edge of the pit the whole thing can slide back and forth quite easily. Last minute tweaks to the satellite may be executed from mission control.

I kind of like the four colors thing because it made those trans-orange really POP. Well, this box was pretty darn big, so you can forget about sticking the front of it on an A4-sized piece of cardboard.

The plastic they used to use in the 6938 back then were perfect. I like all the other Ice Planet sets, particularly the outstanding Deep Leggo Defender, but this set never impressed me quite the same way.

There’s a fair amount of trans-orange pieces as well, including two rare 10x10x12 corner panels. Very little of the 69833 model’s overall structure is actually brick-built. Only 4 steps in, the entrance to the ramp is already as good as completed.

The dish’s incline will be controlled by the rack.

I don’t like them, not even the designs Even now, with the new series coming out, it is still the set of my dream.