Rabbi Klein’s book delves in the the consolidation of one of the holiest and oldest languages on earth. These are said [only] in lashon hakodesh, the portion of bikkurim [Here it says,] “Raise [your voice] and say before Hashem, your G-d,” and elsewhere it says. The term “Lashon Hakodesh” means different things to different people. It’s generally translated as “the holy language.” And what that language.

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Hebrew words and phrases Hebrew language. The book offers numerous solutions to many seemingly imponderable problems, and offers reconciliations of seemingly contradictory issues. In the Mishnah and the Gemara the term was aimed to take out the foreign languages that were commonly spoken among the Jewish communities:.

May G-d protect us from such heretical views. Conversely, when one does not learn and speak in lashon hakodesh, Rashi writes about this: Every Jew should take pride in nationalistic issues such as Land and language.

Lashon Hakodesh – Wikipedia

The Ibn Ezra writes: Therefore, this language is not just one of seventy languages, but rather it is hewn from a different source. One for the generation of the dispersion, that they all spoke one language, as it says, “The whole land was one language,” and so, too, Israel are destined to speak in one language, as it says, “Then I will change the nations [to speak] a pure language.

These are said [only] in lashon hakodesh, the portion of bikkurim CS1 Hebrew-language sources he Articles containing Hebrew-language text. Retrieved Jul 26, Just as they want to erase the memory of Yerushalayim, so, too, they want to erase lashon hakodesh from Israel.

Book review: Lashon HaKodesh: History, Holiness and Hebrew | Ben Rothke | The Blogs

You May Also Like. He writes in his siddur, Beit Yisrael p. Hakodesb is meaning of Chazal’s statement that Israel were redeemed from Egypt in merit that they spoke in lashon hakodesh and did not change their language. The Mishna in Masechet Sotah 7: One yakodesh, Lashon HaKodesh: We mentioned earlier that language is not something technical alone, nor something of convention, but rather it expresses the spirit of the nation. Therefore, we mention in the prayers, “Who chose use from all nations, and elevated us of all tongues,” as this language elevates over all other languages.


He writes Gur Aryeh, Devarim 1: The Hebrew has no original expressions for these things, and only describes them in figurative language and by way of hints, as if to indicate thereby that these things should not be mentioned, and should therefore have no names; we ought to be silent about them, and when we are compelled to mention them, we must manage to employ for that purpose some suitable expressions, although these are generally used in a different sense.

About this it says, “Life and death are in the hands of the tongue. The Torah-portion of ‘ Sotah ‘, the confession made at the presentation of the tithethe ‘ Shema ‘, and the ‘ Prayer ‘ …. This language influences a person’s soul.

For the traditional reader who wants to know the origins of the Divine language they are using for sacred purposes, the book will likely answer most of their questions.

Man did not continue to focus on the message from God however, and instead they chose to build a tower that they believed would reach the heavens. The author notes in chapter 1 that the words of Lashon Hakodesh intrinsically reflect their meaning.

Yaakov Emden, also addressed the issue of speaking lashon hakodesh. Views Read Edit View history. Ya’arot Dvash ont the verse, “Is there no tzari balm in Gilad? Any complete article about the origin of languages and Lashon Hakodesh must include prominent mention of Isaac E.

G-d created twenty-two good measures in his world, and all of them ceased. Language used in the writing of sacred manuscripts is often deemed to be holy because of the important messages for the world that are contained within these texts. He received rabbinic ordination from highly respected rabbonim in Jerusalem, and has gained a great amount of admiration for the excellence of his research and writing.


This is what the Ramban writes that the holiness of the language is because Torah and prophecy and all holy things are said in that language: It is believed that in the earliest age of man, that time before antiquity, when history began, everyone in the world could understand one another.

The author knows there is no definitive answers on the development of Lashon Hakodesh and does his best to offer various theories and opinions.

I am embarrassed of you, nation holy to Hashem, how did you forget lashon hakodesh, [which is] full of delight, and in every word and letter there are combinations of [Divine] names and truthful qualities. Do you have a comment or question on the shiur?

Lashon Hakodesh- The Origins of the Holy Language

After the world wide flood during the era of Noah, man was told to populate the entire world again. Whoever speaks more [languages] is praised, and the Hebrew language no one pays attention to Either use the Holy Tongue or Persian!

Of the four appendices, I found the first to be the most interesting. This is the reason that is does not have shameful words, because it is holy, not like the Rambam that because there are no shameful words it is lashon hakodesh.

But now, when Am Yisrael is shaking off its dirt and returning to its homeland, the language also needs to arise and to be aroused anew. Your email address will not be published.