Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Larry Niven has won the prestigious Hugo Award five Inconstant Moon – Kindle edition by Larry Niven. Download it once. 3 of 5 stars. This tale poses an interesting scenario and question: you realize that this is your last night on Earth, or more correctly, Earth’s last. Inconstant Moon by Larry Niven – book cover, description, publication history.

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A ship with a inconstamt crew—Howie, a normal human, and Eric, the disembodied brain of a seriously injured man who has been installed in the ship to serve as a living computer and control system—is exploring the upper atmosphere of Venususing the empty fuel-tank as a dirigible device.

The lethal chase, with the two combatants in constant radio communication, slowly reveals the community stresses which resulted in the murder.

‘Arrival’ Producer to Develop ‘Inconstant Moon’ Sci-Fi Movie for Fox

His fantasy includes The Magic Goes Away series, which utilizes an exhaustible resource, called Mana, to make the magic a non-renewable resource. A Known Space story, first of “Gil the Arm” line. Nov 25, Eric rated it it was amazing Shelves: Like the way he got his theories wrong a few times in coming to his final conclusion. Not at all what I expected from the title.

Inconstant Moon

You immediately call your girlfriend njven say you’re coming round to see her. Refresh and try again. However, a lack of aurora and subsequent shockwave has them daring to hope that their half of the planet might actually pull through the arising tempests and apocalypse.


Stan, the narrator, notices that the moon is glowing much brighter than ever before. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In orbit around the world, they notice that one of the continents has a thin, strange border all the way round its coastline, which radiates a low heat and appears black in visible light.

His work is primarily hard science fiction, using big science concepts and theoretical physics. The second possibility turns out to be correct: Preview — Inconstant Moon by Larry Niven.

I seem to recall that this was made into an episode of one of those episodic series like Twilight Zone or Outer Limits. Here’s your fun Larry Niven science quiz again! One Face A spaceship is thrown far into the future.

Galaxy Science FictionJune To view it, click here. May 25, Andrew rated it really liked it.

‘Arrival’ Producer Developing ‘Inconstant Moon’ Sci-Fi Movie for Fox – Variety

Probably my least favorite story though. All in all, it struck me as another in a long line of stories where fascinating premises were only sketched out, and not really followed up. The sun had gone nova.

In fact, much of his writing since the s has been in collaboration, particularly with Pournelle, Steven BarnesBrenda Cooperor Edward M. Oct 21, Rob rated it really liked it.

It was good, but not as good as I expected. Bibliography by Larry Niven. Massive, rapid changes in the heat equilibrium would, for one thing, cause major storms. Eventually, Gil is captured by the organlegging gang, until, under threat of being harvested alive for his organs, his “third arm” – a psychologically limited form of psychokinesis — allows him to kill his captor in spite of being completely bound. Post as a guest Name. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.


Within the space of a handful of pages, he is able to wrap you up in a world and a life you’ve almost no prior understanding off. Possibly my favorite story. You are commenting using your WordPress. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. I hadn’t read any stories set in this era of Known Space, and haven’t read any Gil Hamilton stories.

Niven’s use of the term ” gravity well ” in the story is the third use of the phrase in science fiction recorded by Oxford English Dictionary researchers. Plenty of such stories in this collection.

Inconstant Moon by Larry Niven – FictionDB

The others are just as good. RDFozz 5, 1 15 They emerge in the Solar System ‘s far future, at which time the sun has become a greenish- white dwarf and Earth has lost its atmosphere and become a tidally locked world; i.

Inconstant Moon, Becalmed in Hell, and Death by Ecstasy are the stand out stories, with Death by Ecstasy, an almost proto-cyberpunk tale, being one of the best things I’ve read in a while.