Lag om ändring i lagen () om brandfarliga och explosiva varor. Official publication: Svensk författningssamling (SFS); Number: ; Publication. goods, violations of the Inflammable and Explosive Products Act (Lagen om brandfarliga och explosiva varor, ) and the Weapons Act. (Vapenlagen . Tolkning av begreppet betryggande i lagstiftning om brandfarliga och explosiva varor med fokus på betryggande avstånd. Claesson, Alexander.

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According to bfandfarliga Swedish Work Environment Act [1] the employers are responsible for organized work rehabilitation and must make a rehabilitation investigation when an employee has been sick-listed for more than 4 weeks. According to the Work Environment Act [1] employers and employees shall co-operate to establish a good working environment.

Traditionally, an OHS team includes a physician, a nurse, a physiotherapist, an industrial hygienist or safety engineer and, in some cases, a psychologist. Co-operation between the employer and the employees is also a key factor in practice. Safety representatives shall also be appointed at other workplaces if work conditions so require. The purpose of the inspection is to check whether or not the object of the inspection complies with the requirements and bandfarliga that have been laid down in law.

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Extended sickness benefit can be obtained for at most days. Safety delegates have a legal right of access to all information necessary to fulfil their duties. Personal tools Log in. The common themes in lageb include:. The law points out that employers should seek external help on safety and brandfaliga matters when their own operational competence explsoiva not sufficient. The National Electrical Safety Board conducts inspections which are divided into different types: There are training materials and also a number of advanced courses for those who want to improve branxfarliga proficiency in various OSH topics.


Problems of occupational safety and exllosiva requiring expert studies are referred to clinics for Occupational and Environmental Medicine situated in the university and regional hospitals. In addition, general medical care services are sometimes included in occupational health care services. Occupational health care providers in Sweden have many tasks; prevention of work place accidents and sicknesses are among the most important activities.

A safety committee shall also be appointed at places of employment with smaller numbers of employees if the employees so require. The estimated numbers of full-time OHS staff are: Statistics Sweden 2 March SWEA ensures that the working environment meets the requirements set out in occupational health and safety legislation.

The social dialogue in Sweden is well functioning at both the central and a local levels. This further enables and facilitates the presence and organisation of so-called “co-operation groups” samverkansgrupper in the work places.

The coverage was lowest in the companies with less than 50 employees. Enterprises with 50 employees or more are obliged to have a safety committee, which consists of representatives of the employer and of the employees.

Internal OSH services The Work Environment Act [1] defines that it is the employer who is ultimately responsible for the working environment.

OSH system at national level – Sweden

There is no authorised list of occupational diseases, so an occupational disease must be determined “with a high degree of probability” that factors on the job have caused the injury.

The Work Environment Act applies to all areas of occupational life, including students, self-employed persons, military conscripts and inmates in institutions. Suntarbetsliv works as a communication agency in the public sector. Alternates should also be appointed for safety officers.

A central provision of the Act is that the work situation and the working environment must be adapted to human needs. The scheme compensates the loss of income, additional costs, rehabilitation, pain and suffering, disability and injury.


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The work environment is checked from a holistic perspective of the risks physical, mental and socialbut there are cases when the inspection is targeted to a particular hazard such as a type of machine or a type of job. Senior Labour Inspectors Committee.

When new provisions have been drafted, the draft version is circulated for comments to the labour market parties, industrial organisations, certain national authorities and others concerned. BPS represents members in relation to authorities and users in matters of concern to the industry and works to promote good quality and service by encouraging interest in approved products for the prevention of accidents and injuries at work, participates actively in standards work and is officially consulted in matters of national policy.

Safety and health in the workplace are based on collaboration between employer and employees. Association members have broad and varied expertise in the areas of technical work and external environment. Today, there are many stipulations in different branches of business, which are commonly based on local agreements between employers and trade unions, and a stipulation of occupational health care for employees in the public sector. Market supervision against unfair competition Provision on of information form the authorities to foreign employees, employers and selfemployed.

A complete specialist training takes at least five years [69].

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The National Electrical Safety Board explksiva to ensure a high level of electrical safety and to prevent interference between electrical equipment. SFLF offers training for occupational physicians.

It is owned by the social partners. SWEDAC is the government authority that accredits companies and organisations that perform testing, certification and inspection in open competition. This relates to five areas: