La\Planete des Singes [Pierre Boulle] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. La planete des singes [Pierre Boulle] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Y a-t-il des êtres humains ailleurs que dans notre galaxie? C’ est la. La planete des singes [PIERRE BOULLE] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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In fact, you will wonder if the whole narrative was not a fabrication of some kind. The ending is very different from the film.

voulle I particularly appreciated the emphasis on the horrors of a so-called advanced species’ choice to use another for scientific experimentation and the swiftness with which humans as individuals or as a group may devolve into brutes. The apes do not speak the same language, which makes for some interesting communication problems. They all have different fates; the physicist get killed during the hunt, the professor reverts to primitive behavior, and the journalist is held in a laboratory.

Soon after the Earthmen, along with the natives are ambushed by Vague Spoilers Ahead I don’t really think that I can do planfe book justice in my review. If they can do it better I have been meaning to read the one that started it all, the novel by Pierre Boulle.

And yet, if we examine it more closely, our enthusiasm turns out to be all sham. Still, it reminded me that it’d been more than 30 years since I read this, so I went and dug it out.

Ulysse was adopted by one of the researchers, Ziraa female chimpanzee, who began to teach him the apes’ language – Zira naturally didn’t understand French being his native tongue on Earthbut Merou was able to make his meanings known by sign language. Because they travel close to the speed of light, time dilation causes centuries to pass on Earth during their two years in transit. Landing on one of the four planets discovered, they surprisingly meet human like mutes. There, the apes performed experiments on the humans similar to Pavlov’s conditioning experiments on dogs, and Ulysse proved his intelligence by failing to be conditioned, and by speaking and drawing geometrical figures.


This book was highly praised and was given such revie French writer Pierre Boulle made use of his experience as a soldier in WWII in depicting the relationship of apes and men in this book, Planet of the Apes.

In an urban biological research facility, Ulysse recognizes Pavlov’s dog conditioning being used on captured humans. I am coming to believe that the s were the zenith of science fiction and this is a good example.

Videos About This Book. Jacobs, however, found the treatment “uncinematic” and asked another writer to complete a different story that would become Beneath the Planet of the Apes. This is another lie. The writing is clunky, and the plot, so improbable – view spoiler [A couple is “sailing” in space when they come “Almost all the great discoveries,” she stated vehemently, “have been made by chimpanzees.

Lists with This Book. His companion, the genius scientist from Earth, Professor Antell turns crazy while his fellow crew, physicist Arthur Levaine is killed during the landing of their spaceship. I’m a big fan of the original movie and have seen it many, many times.

Planet of the Apes

Ulysse, the professor, and a physicist named Arthur Levain flew off in this ship to explore outer space, hoping to make contact with some intelligent alien civilization. If it weren’t for the movie with its killer Rod Serling script and the aweso The original Planet of the Apes novel is a seriously clunky story.

So, I really cannot compare both: I disliked somewhat, the ending that was used – the Statue of Liberty – which the critics seemed to like, but personally, I prefer my own.

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Planet of the Apes (novel) – Wikipedia

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. I would recommend this book to everyone, no matter the age.


This book was highly praised and was given such reviews as this example from England’s Guardian newspaper: I listened to the audio version recorded by Greg Wise in and was surprised to find that in many cases the word ape in the print version was changed to monkey in the audio recording.

Published May 29th by Del Rey first published Originally written in by the same author who brought us The Bridge Over the River Kwaithis book will most likely be remembered for the many movies that were based on it’s premise of a world where the roles of apes and men are reversed. It’s ironic how Professor Antelle got his wish.

If it weren’t for the movie with its killer Rod Serling script and the awesomeness of Charlton Heston when he was the coolest Sci-Fi actor aroundand all the sequels and TV shows and reboots that have followed, the original Planet of the Apes novel wouldn’t deserve much in terms of goodreads stars. Pierre Boulle 20 February — 30 January was a French novelist best known for two works, The Bridge over the River Kwai and Planet of the Apes that were both made into award-winning films.

With his cutomary wit, irony, and disciplined intellect and style, the author of The Bridge Over the River Kwai tells a swiftly moving story dealing with man’s conflicts, and takes the reader into a suspenseful and strangely fascinating orbit.

I had had a theory that somehow during the journey from Earth, something got mixed up and the planet they landed on WAS Earth, only far in the future. Planet of the Apes.