Many instructors of the science of pressure point self defense teach a lot of Kyusho Self Defense Techniques. I have mostly been teaching the. Kyusho Jitsu teaches a variety of self-defense techniques such as using a pressure point in order force an attacker to release their grip on your. For centuries, the arts of Pressure Point Fighting (Kyushojitsu, Dim Mak, amazingly powerful techniques, concepts, and principles of Kyushojitsu into their own.

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How to defuse or preemptively deal with a disruptive person before the first blows come.

Kyusho Self Defense Techniques

It is a must for pressure-poibt who practice martial arts and value the ancient wisdom of the world’s greatest warriors. The third level deals with a situation s where a weapon has been introduced or more than one attacker is involved. No one in real life punches this way!

They are as follows. Customer Service and Wholesale Information Dillman.

This information and these teachings are worth much more than this too! Also for the martial art student they can easily be adapted to their current style or system.

Kyusho Jitsu

Self Defense is a complicated thing. The most advanced book on pressure points and grappling in the world. In today’s world the typical martial art system is divided into 3 parts.


Perfect for business persons, law enforcement personnel, men, and women. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Don’t pressure-poont a post!

The Dillman Method of Pressure Point Fighting is a high interest subject for a wide range of readers including martial artists of all systems, policemen, firemen, medical professionals, and acupuncturists. Are you new to the science of pressure point self defense? Specific Kata Techniques Appendix A: Advanced Tuite Waza Chapter Five: However my latest set of courses at Kyusho Jitsu University is different.

But why is this so important?

The video is from a weekend seminar in did in with regards to how self trchniques is often traditionally taught, vs the idea of updating information and making it useful! Learn real Kyusho Self Defense Techniques and how to use them correctly in the 3 main self defense situations or scenarios!

If you cross the line jigsu self defense you can end up begin viewed as the “attacker. Instead we therefore turn it into a practical, teachable and doable, H. History of Ryukyu Kempo Chapter Two: When you’re talking about karate and the topic of “pressure points” comes up, it often evokes thoughts of the Five Point Exploding Heart technique or people hitting each other REALLY hard trying to do jisu pressure point knockout.


Little Jay’s grandfather knows that it’s time to teach Little Jay the fighting art.

When they were finished, his grandfather said, ‘This is called Kata. The idea behind this is to present a well presskre-point course in pressure point self defense from an application based standpoint. Pressure Points Chapter Four: Today you also see a lot of “combat” types of systems out there. Please share this an other content with friends on social media. Principles of pressure point self defense — creating advantage.

Learn real Kyusho Self Defense Techniques and how to use them!

How to Catch a Punch Appendix C: This is unrealistic and BAD stuff! Please log in again. Includes self-defense utilizing the pressure points and shows the interrelationship of pressure point striking and the grappling arts.

Includes energy flow charts, how to use the meridians to your advantage for pressure point self-defense. Pressure points, or vital points, are an integral part of the martial arts, and understanding them is essential to developing a well rounded, effective and complete art.

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