The range of Knauf company is filled with a huge amount of materials, without which it can not do in the construction work. The adhesive mixture Knauf Perlfix in . Gypsum adhesive PERLFIX T 25kg. Perlfix gypsum adhesive is used to glue on the walls of: More. Knauf SM (KZW) fiber reinforced adhesive 25kg. Download the catalogue and request prices of Perlfix By knauf italia, gypsum and plaster.

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Water piping Sewerage Water treatment facilities. Due to the main rule of the manufacturer minimum cost – maximum qualityall Knauf products without exception receive only positive feedback from satisfied consumers. For the sake of the desire to save money and get more profit, some manufacturers carry out underweight frauds. The choice of primer occurs depending on the material of the base. Bitumen rollon hydro-insulation Liquid and dry hydro-insulations Primers for hydro-insulation Hydro-insulation accessories.

And it depends on the style of installation. Despite the ideal quality, the ecological composition and its versatility, Perlfix dry mix has one unpleasant negative.

Renders Facade paints Interior paints Paints for wood, metal and others Varnishes Primers for plaster and paints Primers for wood, metal and others Others.

It is impossible to calculate exactly how much the mixture will be spent. Each individual process requires a certain amount of material. In addition to the traditional version of the application of the composition, there is an alternative method.

Initially – this is a natural gypsum.

Masonry materials Refractory products Inert materials Cement. The shelf life of the dry mixture is six months. The storage room for glue should not be wet.

From this it also follows that in the process of work it is not necessary to treat the working surface with water, otherwise the glue will not stick knwuf will soon become unusable. Knauf Perlfix glue is packaged and sold for sale in special paper bags weighing 30 kg with several levels of protection.


At installation of tongue-and-groove plates it is not necessary to use glue solution which is too thick.

About Knauf Perlfix Bonding Compound

There may be possible discrepancies between the prices and product photos published on the site and the actual ones. For the first time engaged in repair work, every novice builder faces many perlfixx and issues. Glue Knauf Perlfix has a certificate of conformity, as well as other documents confirming its high quality.

An open bag must be sealed as much as possible and placed on a wooden pallet. Networks and gabions Fences. Judging by the large number of reviews, the glue Knauf Perlfix occupies a high position among the analogues in the world market of building materials.

As for the surplus glue: Toplivo AD reserves its right to make changes in the prices published knaif the website. Capacity for breeding must be clean. As for the technical characteristics of the dry mixture, the composition has the following features: Glue the sheet to the wall. Ceramic and concrete roof tiles Bitumen roof tiles and roofing Metal roof tiles and roofing Drainage Roof windows and accessories.

Gypsum adhesive PERLFIX T 25kg

At first water pours out, and then glue gradually pours out. It is necessary to apply glue to drywall with a notched trowel, but not in the manner required by the standard technology, namely over the entire sheet with a layer thickness of 1 cm.

Storing the kanuf dry weight of Knauf Perlfix glue does not cause any special problems. Next, distribute the mortar on the wall with a rubber spatula at intervals of cm. One of the advantages of Knauf Perlfix glue is the convenience of mixing the knxuf mix. Construction adhesive Features and scope of use of liquid glass Super Moment Glue: This method provides more opportunities for alignment. Despite the high marks for the quality of the product, the composition of the Knauf Perlfix glue is quite simple.

Useful Downloads Roof calculators Thermal insulation calculator Raised floor calculator Dry construction calculators Grout calculator Calculator for decking flooring Calculator for siding knauv Calculator for wood material.


Please check available stock quantities for knaf respective product at the Toplivo AD warehouse closest to you. Building adhesives and solutions Gypsum board adhesives Adhesives for tiles and stones Other adhesives Screeds and flooring Putties Manual and machine plastering Dry concrete and mortar for concrete repair Grouts Putty pastes Foams Silicones and sealants Primers Other products.

The instructions for use, which are indicated on the original packaging, perlfi that it is necessary to dilute Knauf Perlfix glue according to the formula 2: How to dissolve Moment glue?

Without problems, she will put sheets of drywall, foam plastic or mineral wool.

Gypsum and plaster PERLFIX By Knauf Italia

So that the ready-to-work knaud does not dry quickly, it should be diluted with cold water. The term of complete drying of the applied solution is 7 days. Perlfix Adhesive has an optimal value that is available to any consumer.

The finished solution should not turn out to be liquid, the perfect consistency resembles a pasty mass.

Double installation floor Decking Entrance grilles. Interesting in the section “construction adhesive”.

Knauf Perlfix Bonding Compound (Knauf LLC)

The finished glue mass can be used. All products prices are given gross of VAT! Knauf Perlfix construction adhesive is a gypsum-based powder mix with additives of polymeric substances, due to eprlfix the function of coupling with various types of surfaces is increased.

The time for facing correction is no more than 10 minutes.

For example, after installing drywall to close up the seams between the sheets. It is advisable not to expose the veneered surface to any impact during this time. The color of the mixture may be different, for example, pink.