I recently read a review about Plane Talk by Kirk Lorange. The book teaches you a trick about how to visualize the fretboard to make. Kirk also has several of his own sites/forums and is also author of the amazing PlaneTalk book. This is a great DVD for beginner slide players, or for those who. For those of you who get lost on the fretboard while trying to improv, you need to check out Plane Talk by Kirk Lorange. His method is so simple.

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Is it worth it? It’s a fundamental way to look at music as it is laid out the fretboard, which reveals everything you ever needed or wanted to know as a player, at any given musical moment. I mean how hard is it to read a comic three times?

When I die I want provided I could to make, one thing is not geschieht. The example tunes are played, both full plne half speed so you can catch what Kirk. The trouble with learning kurk including different modes is that if all you do is practice scales, the temptation is for your solos to sound like Feb 28, 6.

Yes, my password is: If you want to purchase a well organized instructional package that will cover all of what you’re asking about check out truefire. Feb 28, 9. Plane Talk gives you a simple pattern that allows you to see that matrix of intervals, and takes you through applying it melodically to talm tonalities and chord changes, without getting bogged down in complexity. I know exactly what you’re talking about.

I’ve spent a ton of cash on books, magazines etc. It’s stuff every guitarist should know anyway. Wie embarrassing would it?


Kirk Lorange’s PlaneTalk – incredible! | The Gear Page

I bought it and returned it many years ago. Do you already have an account? It is easy going, teaches you directly, and has high standards for its production.

If you are beyond the absolute beginner stage, and by that I mean past memorizing the open chords llane able to play the basic barre chords, and you want to completely open up the fretboard, not to mention your mind, this book is a must have in your guitar library.

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Es is my honest opinion about a powerful learning tool. Kirk Lorange’s PlaneTalk – incredible!

Plane Talk!

The damn thing changes key every bar and was surely written to confound players. I signed up here yesterday kirrk ask a question about my new ZT amp and found this thread here. Oct 25, 5. Just to show you how far he will go to teach, he plays for the guitar on her knees at a right angle to normal just to the right angle for demonstration.

Feb 28, 5.

Nov 1, 7. If for a quick and easy way to open the entire fretboard for solo, is this a must have.

Planetalk – Triads? | Telecaster Guitar Forum

The chords, via the PlaneTalk technique, say it all. My advice is this: Nov 2, 9. I am forever in your debt.

His PlaneTalk method is absolutely the dead-simplest way to track that harmony on the fretboard. Both very very enlightening. Ralk won’t get into a debate about the cost of the PT materials vs. Not only is it a little absurd, but it also starts sounding a little culty. I haven’t read either of them but I know Fretboard Logic is just one of those books that everyone seems to love.


You can’t get lost! Never stop that twangin’ Kirk. I still say that for chord melody, it is a good idea to build a vocabulary of chord forms what Joe Pass used to call “grips” and then learn to use these in a variety of ways.

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Login or Sign Up. Most Active Authors Latest Reviews. There is no musical concept that’s being kept secret many great guitarists already play the same way – thinking in terms of chord tones and extensions, rather than fixed scale shapesbut Plane Talk describes a very elegant, unique, and comprehensive approach to learning how to do that easily.

Now I’m learning to move the boxes up and down depending on the key. How do triads help you solo, I would still think you need to know the intervals and notes around the notes of the triads or else it would just seem to be picking the chords. I’m still in the beginning stages of implementing the system, but I can now look at the fretboard while improvising and know exactly what I’m doing musically, in relation to the key scale and chord being played, and what my melodic options are.

If you’re already more accomplished with your improvisation and rhythm playing further up the neck then you have probably already developed your own methods of doing what Plane Talk would teach you.