Posted by Angelstoyou, 08/15/ 1 SELF ACTUALIZATION. Freedom from the “Victim/Victimizer Blame-Game” and willingness to be. Cosmic Map as Seen by Advanced ETs and The Origin of Kabala – Kathara Grids or Tree of Life – these are the original energy grids of creation – Fallen Angels. Dec 15, Explore Crystal Benson’s board “Keylontic Science Research” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Spirituality, Knowledge and Sacred geometry.

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Jeshewua-9 scirnce also taken to Egypt for initiation, ascension training and ordination as a Melchizedek priest, and portions of these rites were conducted by Jesheua This would allow us to slowly bring back the truth. Found this a while back is an interesting read. All present-day ideologies that teach conscious evolution, and DNA activation and transmutation, are geared toward this scisnce, including the new information currently being provided by various guardian ET and metaterrestrial forces.

The foundation program also clarifies the context within which words like ascension, soul, ascended mastery, Christos, dimensions and countless other terms are used, a context which often differs in essence from the given interpretations of these terms found in many metaphysical or religious paradigms. I just finished paper Keyylontic did not interact directly with the raising of these children, nor did he serve as husband to any of the six women chosen to carry his seed. There is a specific energy reality, for example, to ourselves as Soul or Oversoul, and the fact that we are in manifestation sciience this reality field implies that we also have expressions of self at these other levels.

Was Thomas Jefferson A Christian? Osiris and Isiris lines ketlontic Leviathin Races.

It has a “perch” but I wouldnt talk about where as they are cloaked for a reason. We could manifest instantly.

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The fallen angels were originally a part of the normal creation, but they made decisions and choices that created a fate for themselves that was very unfortunate.


The Halls of Amenti have been a closely guarded secret since the time of your inception on Tara, kyelontic years ago. Nothing can exist outside of Source or God, although it can choose to think and act as though it were. Without such understanding, it is difficult to comprehend the connection between our seemingly ‘internal’ consciousness and the world around us. Ron Hubbard and Vianna Stibal. An unascended human could not enter The Halls of Amenti without being destroyed by the much higher vibrational frequency of Amenti.

We create our reality like Heaven on Earth, peace, love, and light. This was a place that was supposed to be based on freedom and co-evolution.

Although Jesus treated women as equals, and Paul mostly did the same, the other Christian belief systems started to oppress women in later generations. If a small handful of people do that they will be able to affect the race.

The Falcon I remember being just above the earth an the M falcon helped me pass through the war zone an the blue sheild forcefield. Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free so please, join our community today! The Leviathin race is a group of fallen angelics who have been bred here on this planet.

Keylontic Science Basics | healing | Pinterest | Science, Sacred geometry and Healing

Perfect love casteth out fear “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. First race that looked similar to angelic races. There are a lot of people on the planet that are of the Leviathin Race line.

My Mission with this Dictionary: We need to escape the matrix, they want us All to die on earth when there are gateways above and below to leave this holographic trap called earth.

Cant even comment on T-birds or inner Earth. Look not to false gods and to others’ views to define your life experience; to define is to contain. They are rare but I bealive they are still here. The Silicate Matrix appears within family lines as a recessive gene composite, which remains dormant until it is called into activation via opening of dimensions In order to preserve the human race line before they became extinct. Those in Ionia were guardians of stargates in atlantis.


No wonder it’s guarded by aliens Flora and Fauna. Keylontic Science deals with the underlying structures of electromagnetic energy through which all matter forms are constructed and with the attributes of electro-tonal energy structure through which consciousness achieves diversification and individuation’.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The original sin was when the entire time matrix almost implodded down into a black hole thanks to what the Elohim had done.

They placed crystal wave technologies that work like microchip to get the control of the planetary templar. The Luciferian Conquest Enoch broke emerald covenant and joined annunaki Toth had arrogance and Enoch did it to save his people Jehovians and Annunaki Enoch was the leader. Certain groups of Elohims fell from grace.

A song by Augustana sweet and low. ,eylontic many eons this planet has been under siege and there has been a time that was waited for. The original teachings of Jeshewua-9 were also distorted and misrepresented through political and religious structures of various times.

The teachings of the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order MCEO represent translations of pre-ancient Sacred Science texts that belonged to advanced human races who resided on earth prior to our currently identified historical records. These templates circulate primal life force currents. Finding eternal life in the human heart is the source of health in the mind and scjence.