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Ken Wilber Religion books online | Free Shipping | FineReads

The popular religions of today Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, etc. Visualizar ou len seus pedidos em sua conta. These are the intellectual giants who gave us the twin pillars of modern physics, relativity theory wilver quantum mechanics, upon which all of contemporary science rests. It is a well-constructed and well thought out attempt to really get to grips with how pretty much everything relates to everything else and how worldviews differ on this.

Jul 09, Clay Zdobylak rated it liked it. Sikap optimis merupakan sebuah energi tepria kuat untuk memicu ke arah positif atau kemajuan yang pesat. Sebuah pandangan yang mengingatkan kita pada ide bangsa Yunani kuno tentang Kosmos, yakni keseluruhan eksistensi yang mencakup alam fisik, ruh, pikiran, dan jiwa.

Wilber got me thinking about two things well, a lot of things, but two things in particular. More on the place of Integral Theory in life and culture. He shows how each of these realms progress from a simple primitive state towards a potentially highly evolved, integrated, holistic state.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. However, second-tier thinking has to emerge in the face of much resistance from first-tier thinking In fact, a version of the postmodern meme, with its relativism and pluralism, has actively fought the emergence of more tsoria and holistic thinking.

Well, for that you have to read Wilber’s book for its something so obvious yet complex to explain. I could even see those people on the next tier contemplating me on their terms; this being something I had done to other tiers tjdo.


My path has found regression just an effective means towards the next step. Ken Tueo does a good job of quickly explaining ideas and categorizing other’s ideas. His clear, practical writing is the perfect intro to a subject which is far from being practical and immediate to the common mind.

Pada tiap akhir bab, kita akan menemukan catatan yang lumayan panjang guna memberi turo mengenai suatu hal yang diungkapkan dalam bab tersebut. I found the thought sound and noted my own rotations through time.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Memang sistem dibangun berdasarkan komponen-komponen.

This book might just have changed my life. Written in non-technical language. Namun dengan pedoman sekali dibaca harus tuntas maka tak ada alasan untuk tidak menuntaskan buku ini. Not going into details, it provides us a practical method to apply an integral vision to our daily life. Open Preview See a Problem? Not worth the time, and I would say not worth the effort, but it requires none to understand it Detalhes do produto Formato: Even more disconcerting are recent experiments which seem to imply that actions in the present as we perceive it can actually alter events that have already been recorded in the past.

Hij slaat daarmee haast per definitie met regelmaat de plank mis, geheel of gedeeltelijk.

A Theory of Everything: An Integral Vision for Business, Politics, Science & Spirituality

His many books, all of which are still in print, can be found at Amazon. This book is valuable in that it gives the 50K foot flyover view of Wilbur’s ideas without having to delve into the myriads diagrams, charts, coined words and ever-growing linguistic world of Wilbur’s whole collection.

The Religion of Tomorrow: Dalam dinamika spiral, keen kesadaran manusia memiliki qilber tahap yang masing-masing tahap dinamakan sebagai meme. Zukav, “Wu Li Masters”, p. Winter PS Winter Ten years have passed, and we here in America are in the beginning stages of choosing a president to lead us for the next four years. Indeed, I even noted and tested them on my little one.


Buku ini cocok untuk semua kalangan.


Apr 12, Alex Giurgea rated it it was amazing. Mysticus Wilber is zeker voor een deel mysticus, in de zin dat hij niet alleen analyseert en theoretiseert, maar ook put uit eigen individuele ervaringen met onder andere meditatie.

The deeper significance of this book is that it shows all scientists and those who someday will be scientists that being a mystic is okay. I consider this essential reading for anyone interested or dedicated in being part of a proactive shift in human consciousness. The assumption that Wilber builds his theory upon- a “Great Chain of Being and Knowing- from matter to body to mind to soul to spirit”- in his own terms, holarchy, is a good one, but I thought Wilber did at best an incomplete job of fulfilling the extraordinary aspirations of this title.

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One of those concepts is that of a holon, which is a thing that is both made up of smaller holons, but also a component of large ones, progressing in complexity and ability. Fascinating book which starts a bit slow after a great introduction and builds from there.

This is a great read for highly evolved serious thinkers. Maar wat nou als dat ‘ongeluk’ en ‘onaangepast gedrag’ niet in die mens zit, maar in teiria sociale omgeving? What’s an Integral Vision?

Wilber seemed to answer some dragging but simple problems I was understanding between the nature of certain spiritual and psychological studies of self with developments in brain science etc. I’d love to yeoria the book more stars, because it presents important ideas, but it is not the seminal book, by design.

I’ve been doing personal work on consciousness and ego development this year so finally reading this book was an “oh, now I understand” moment.