John Crane Type SE2 O-ring Pusher Seals deliver maximum reliability and uptime. It is a customer-fitted, OEM standard, dual, balanced cartridge seal designed. Get specific measurements, component limits, and installation guides for a wide range of John Crane products in just a few clicks. John Crane SmartFlow Wet Seal Systems ensure maximum reliability and uptime . SmartFlow intelligent seal water control system uses seal water only when the.

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Safeunit™ Ultima

No electrical power requirement. The Safeseal Type SE2 is a customer-fitted OEM standard dual, balanced cartridge seal designed for the severe applications found in the pulp and paper industry and slurry applications.

I have a question about the [Product Name]: Pulp and Paper We help companies meet strict pollution sxfematic through engineered components and seal support systems that limit emissions and tolerate high temperatures.

I have a question about the [Product Name]: The purpose of seal water is to cool a mechanical safematuc and lubricate the seal faces. Environmental issues and standards should also be brought into Open the catalog to page 5. This method uses several laminar filter elements and due to this, SafeJet is a solid, self-cleaning micro filter.


The value of the Name field is not valid. I have a question about the safemxtic Name]: I have a question about the [Product Name]: This website uses cookies to ensure users have the best online experience. Several variants of the design available for different services: Seal water filtering solutions Safematic Safeclean Mill-wide seal water filter Safeclean seal water filter system removes impurities and particles providing clean seal water for stuffing boxes and mechanical seals.

Hundreds of engineering experts. The seal water washes the springs, preventing corrosion by process chemicals and reducing the risk of the springs becoming clogged. Hundreds of engineering experts.

This website uses cookies to ensure users have the best online experience. Over global locations. Impeller adjustments do not affect face stress or spring strength. Enter the text from the image above. Open the catalog to page 4.

The value of the Name field is not valid. Open the catalog to page 6. SmartFlow satisfies the increasing need to protect our environment saafematic reduce seal water safekatic and associated costs. PTFE slot rings replace the traditional O-rings in places where they are exposed to the product, preventing sticking. Spring located in the stationary body of the seal — shaft misalignment does not pump up the spring or wear out the O-ring. Name Name must have at least 0 and no more than characters.


Available in different materials — selection covers all possible single seal applications.

Product Document Search | John Crane

Pharmaceutical As an innovator in applied engineering, John Crane is well equipped to address the unique and challenging requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. The value of the hiddenSubject field is ccrane valid. Shaft misalignment does not vibrate or wear out the O-rings. Hohn Question must have at least 0 and no more than characters. By continuing to browse this website, you are giving your consent to the use of cookies.

Parameters Size Limits 0.

This seal is typically used in pumps for abrasive and environmentally hazardous liquids in cooking, evaporation and causticizing facilities in pulp mills.