The Uncertain Path has ratings and 53 reviews. Jerry said: The Jedi Apprentice series is sort of like a television serial in the vein of 24 or Hous. The Uncertain Path. By. Jude by DrB 11/ Obi-Wan Kenobi paced between rows of tombs in a tunnel below the city ofZehava. Overhead, a. Star Wars: Jedi Apprentice – The Uncertain Path by Jude Watson – reading level information and list of editions available including their current.

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Pretty much all of the surviving characters from that book return for this one, and there are also significant appearances by Obi-Wan’s former classmates Bruck Chun and Bant. I swear, they’re like an on and off again couple who just can’t make up their minds, and it makes me a little annoyed.

It’s frustrating to see him continue to be so bad at communicating with someone who is supposed to be his closest companion, as well as someone who thee supposed to look up to him with the utmost trust and respect. Leave a Reply Apprentjce reply Enter your comment here When you don’t know your own mind, you fill it with the beliefs of another.

Be a Jedi only in name but not in practice hypocritic much? Uncfrtain investigating, he receives notice that Obi-Wan wishes to rejoin the order. I knew that Obi-Wan was a little shit when he was younger but come on, him voluntarily kicking himself out of the Jedi Order for friends and maybe a love interest? Jude Watson List of Star Wars books.

In this episode, young Obi-Wan continues his mission of rescuing a planet in the midst of a civil war, while Qui-Gon trails a thief who has been robbing the Jedi Temple. At first, I couldn’t have cared less about the Coruscant plot, which felt like a lot of Qui-Gon wallowing in self-pity and refusing to talk medi it, so it was really frustrating whenever the story hopped back to him.


It’s not like the master can lock him up in chains and drag him home. When forced into a corner, his options looked thus to him: Now, I will admit right off the bat, that the Jedi Apprentice books are geared toward young readers with Amazon. May 13, Anime Mage rated it really liked it Shelves: Seriously, I use a pseudonym all the time when on the internet.

Learn how and when to remove these template messages. If anything, Obi-Wan became such a stickler for rules later on that he became famous for it. Having read the first six books in the series, I feel that quality wise that this series tthe somewhat inconsistent. Apr 16, Waldwasser rated it it was amazing. I think both of the storylines are done moderately well, and the writing is able to bring it to life, and the story also has a lot of emotional moments that make the book surprisingly quite memorable.

Obi-Wan has decided to forfeit his jedi training and stay on the planet to help build a new government while Qui-Gon returns to Corrusant, determined to never again take on a padawan.

The Uncertain Path

As with most of the books in the series, I feel like the writing is able to do a good job of bringing the characters to life. However, he is not immediately welcomed with open arms for the Temple plot thickens when an assassination attempt is made on Yoda.

Uncertai we’re all looking forward to a day when depressing notices such as this one are no longer required. The first storyline is simply a huge preface to another story that is sure to come in the next volume and as such makes the text feel a little disjointed when the stories flit between one another.

Jedi Apprentice > The Uncertain Path

That is why you should tell us your name. Just like any type of book there is a hit and miss pattern. This is a direct follow to the previous book, so don’t try to jump in here if you haven’t read number five. Deceptions Special Editions 2: The Fight for Truth. I have to admit that initially, I got really defensive, partly because Qui-Gon is my favourite SW character, but also because my initial mindset echoed that of other adults here: Aug 06, Iset rated it liked it Shelves: Return of the Jedi Thus it was not a far jump for me to fall in love with and enjoy Star Wars as well.


I just hope this crap is resolved soon.

Notify me of new comments via email. Again, hopefully that will be soon. Truth be told, there were times that I can say I was dead on the money, and other times wher Growing up as a child, I was exposed to the world of Sci-Fi from a young age. Flipping the usual settings–the master is in the Temple and the padawan is out on the field, when usually one would expect it to be the other way around–helps showcase their emotional states and their assessments of each other.

Th second plot, the series of thefts at the temple, tbe my attention as well and kept me turning the pages. I recommend reading the series in order, but Jedi Apprehtice is definitely worthwhile reading for all Star Wars fans.

It’s not pleasant to read about what happens between the former Master and Padawan. View all 7 comments. And Obi-Wan faces a lot of hard decisions.