If you like my tutorials, consider make a donation to these charities. StringTokenizer class in Java is used to break a string into tokens. StringTokenizer(String str, String delim): delim is set of delimiters that are used to tokenize. The StringTokenizer class of package, allows an application to break a string into tokens. Most programmers opt to use StringTokenizer.

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We have also provided links to examples of each method on the list. Toggle Sliding Bar Area. Modifier and Type Method and Description.

All characters in the delim argument are the delimiters for separating tokens. What should i do?

Java StringTokenizer example –

String nextToken Returns the next token from this string tokenizer. The following code shows how to use the StringTokenizer and the split method of the String class. The program uses a StringReader object as the data source. I hope this is clear enough, because we will be using these terms all throughout this tutorial.

Java IO Tutorial – Java Tokenizer

The new delimiter set remains the default after this call. Contact Info Singapore Email: Learn more at http: I am getting some exception in this programe… import java.


NoSuchElementException – if there are no more tokens in this tokenizer’s string. Please make it stringttokenizer visible sothat people benifited a lot. Try refresh or clear your cache.

StringTokenizer Class Compatibility Version. We also have the ability to change the delimiter anytime. It populates three fields of the StreamTokenizer object: The nextToken method actually return the current token and then point to the next token if there stringgtokenizer still available on the buffer.

In Java, you can StringTokennizer class to split a String into different tokenas by defined delimiter. Constructs a string tokenizer for the specified string. The set of delimiters the characters that separate tokens may be specified either at creation time or on a per-token basis.

The StringTokenizer methods do not distinguish among identifiers, numbers, and quoted strings, nor do they recognize and skip comments. Tests if there are more tokens available from this tokenizer’s string.

jzva First, the set of characters stringtokenizsr to be delimiters by this StringTokenizer object is changed to be the characters in the string delim. It exists so that this class can implement the Enumeration interface. If the flag is falsethe delimiter characters are skipped and only serve as separators between tokens. Math Method Usage Examples. A token is a maximal sequence of consecutive characters that are not delimiters.


That documentation contains more detailed, developer-targeted descriptions, with conceptual overviews, definitions of terms, workarounds, and working code examples. The set of delimiters may stringtokenjzer specified either at creation time or on a per-token basis. My question is how i can know tokenization like that in java? A StringTokenizer object breaks a string into tokens based on your definition of delimiters.

Basic Usage of StringTokenizer. StringTokenizer A StringTokenizer object breaks a stringtokennizer into tokens based on your definition of delimiters. Hi mkyong, What if I like to split both space and comma at the same time.?

Object nextElement This method returns the same value as the nextToken method, except that its declared return value is Object rather than String.

Also see the documentation redistribution policy. We define the sequence of characters that are considered tokens by defining delimiter characters. However, trying to invoke other methods on the resulting StringTokenizer may result in a NullPointerException. Thank u for giving this information.