Import and Export through the Command Line. ‹ Import .. If necessary, you can find links for downloading JDBC drivers from the Jaspersoft Community website. To prevent horizontal truncation of an Ad Hoc report when exported, set the Actual Size option in the Ad Hoc Editor. Excel (Paginated). XLS. Not recommended. As a Jaspersoft administrator, you can export and import the Jaspersoft Advanced Reporting content. This content includes organizations, Ad.

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Exporting From the Settings UI To export users and roles in addition to, or instead of, repository contents, use the server settings pages for system administrators. Comma jasperserer list of repository report unit and folder URIs for which report unit jobs should be exported. In addition, when listing user names, enclose the list in single quotation marks ‘as shown in this Linux example:.

Importing From the Settings UI The Settings pages for system administrators include a user interface to simplify the import procedure. When you import access events, the date and time of the last modification before export is restored on import for every resource.

When you import a user, if its roles exist in the repository, the user is given these roles. Import the myDir catalog folder, replacing existing resources if their URIs and types match those found in the catalog:. Clear the box for Export Everything and select only users and roles to export.

Products Solutions Services Resources. If a folder is specified, the export operation exports all resources and folders contained in the jasperserverr. Comma separated list of repository report unit and folder URIs for which report unit jobs should be exported.

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Comma separated list of folder or resource URIs in the repository. None of the folders or resources in a Temp folder are exported. This page offers more options than the contextual export from the repository UI. A URI can specify a resource such as a report.

Access events date, time, and user name of last modification are exporh. This will create broken dependencies during import unless the same dependencies already exist in the same relative locations in the destination. Exporting a user includes all user attributes and, in order to maintain consistency, also exports all roles assigned to the user.

Comma separated list of roles to export; if no roles are specified with this option, all roles are exported. Select the roles to export.

Import and Export through the Command Line | Jaspersoft Community

When specified, the configuration and security settings on the server are exported. Path of a directory in which to create the output catalog folder. When no organization ID is specified, this flag applies to the root such that no top-level organizations are included in the export, only the contents of the root.

User passwords are encrypted during the export by default, but exported catalogs may contain sensitive data. This flag is required when importing a catalog that includes a theme, such as when using –export-everything, from a server version 5.

Import and Export through the Command Line

Resources are exported along with any dependencies, even if they are not located in the selected folders. When checked, the Update option will import only resources that are newer than ones with the same URI in the current repository.

User Interface for Import 3. When this option is present, repository permissions are exported along with each exported folder and resource. The –uris option allows you to specify one or more resource URIs.


After receiving the export ID in the response to the export request, you can check the state of the export operation. The roles assigned the users you selected are highlighted. Select one or more resources using Control- and Shift-click in the main panel, or when viewing the repository, select a folder in the left-hand panel.

Comma separated list of users to export; if no users are specified with this options, all users are exported. If you installed JasperReports Server from the binary installer, the import-export utilities were configured by the installer.

The default behavior when a resource is found in the target repository that has the same URI as the resource that you are attempting to import is to skip the creation operation and leave the existing resource unchanged no overwrite occurs. The repository paths shown in this chapter assume you are using a commercial edition jasperserer the server.

Import and Export through the Web UI | Jaspersoft Community

The export output is known as a repository catalog; it is either an archive file or a set of files in a folder structure:. When specifying users, you must give their organization ID if applicable, for example:. Exporting From sxport Repository UI To export individual resources or an entire folder of the repository: