Something Rotten (Thursday Next Novels) [Jasper Fforde] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The fourth installment in Jasper Fforde’s New. Well, here it is at last, the fourth installment in the Thursday Next series, Something Rotten. This is coming out on the 26th July in the UK and the 9th August. The fourth installment in Jasper Fforde’s New York Times bestselling series follows literary detective Thursday Next on another adventure in her.

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Hamlet various classic fiction characters make grand entrances in all Have you started the Thursday Next series yet?

In the meantime, she embarks on several seemingly impossible tasks, which include smuggling ten truckloads of banned Danish literature into Wales, tracking down an illegal clone of William Shakespeare, and teaching Friday to speak properly. Thursday must wait patiently for his un-eradication to “stick”. Finally, although she is based upon so many wonderful parts, Thursday has the one quality you seem to enjoy most: He lives in Wales.

Also included in this bargain not-to-be-missed-buy-one-for-all-your-friends book are the usual four adverts at the rear, six illustrations by Maggy Roberts and a frontispiece, plus online ‘Special Features’ section available at this website at no extra cost!

Sunday Express show more. Despite her earlier transgressions that caused her to flee to the Bookworld in the first place, Thursday gets her job back at SpecOps as a Literary Detective and catches up with her old colleagues.

What are the similarities and differences between their two lines of work? The real influence was much closer to home and infinitely more mundane. View all 4 comments.

Everything else was just okay. When you get the dreams too, it’s weird. The fate of the world depends on the results of the Superhoop, with help from the cloned Neanderthals wholly owned by Goliath Corporation, now a religion after a year of bad press. Review Text Don’t ask.


Thursday Next is back in the real world after hiding out in the world of unpublished novels. And on many occasions something more. But returning to SpecOps isn’t a snap. All of these are his stock in trade and he uses them to great effect here. Jasper Fforde has gone where no fictioneer has gone before.

Can Swindon win the world croquet championship and thus prevent the end of the world? Our Books See all Books.

Something Rotten (Fforde) – Wikipedia

Book on CD read by Emily Gray. I have watched Grammasites in flight over the pleasure domes of Xanadu, cantered bareback on unicorns through the leafy forests of Zenobia and played chess with Ozymandias, the King of Kings.

Well, here it is at last, the fourth installment in the Thursday Next series, Something Rotten. Jul 16, Kip rated it it was amazing. Easier said than done.

After 2 years as Bellman for Jurisfiction, Thursday has begun to miss the Real World, and decides to go back to Swindon with her two-year-old son, Friday, to see if she can get her husband Landen Parke-Laine, currently eradicated by the Chrono-Guard, un-eradicated. Thursday has returned from the book world and again takes up the pursuit of a shady character that threatens the country. As secrets of past and present are revealed, Becca becomes aware of her growing paranormal powers and events build to a shocking climax anticipated by no one.

So crazy it’s really funny. And if you like hilarious word play and turns of phrase spot-on that you’d NEVER have thought up on your own, this is the place for you. It seems that Landen, her husband of fou She has great pacing and is a skilled voice artist, able to differentiate the many characters. Wodehouse series would be admirable.

I like the Orwellian feel of Goliath—oppressive and menacing in the background. She is still hunting the Minotaur that escaped in the last book; she is tiring of fiction, however, and longs to return to her own world and get back her husband Landen, who was removed from time by the evil Goliath Corporation in Once again she locks horns with the Goliath Corporation, and an odious individual, Yorrick Kaine. However, we get a few answers! Something Rotten – US. The Eyre Affair Thursday Next: Join us by creating an account and start getting the best experience from our website!


Something Rotten Reader’s Guide

I put a marker in the page so I could read it again, which I did several times and enjoyed chuckling each time. The combination of bewildered Pickwick and reprobate Alan is just superb.

From adventures in the netherworld between life and death to the final showdown at the croquet match, there’s quite a bit of action here — though noticeably less that is strictly literary-related than in the previous books. I even had to share rotte passage with my husband.

Swindon not our reality’s is still as fantastical as we remember from books one and two in this series: We are governed almost exclusively by our own peculiar habits, which makes those who rail against them that much more remarkable.

The highlight of Peggy’s day is watching ffrode neighbour Brian head out for his morning swim.

Two years have passed since The Well of Lost Plots and Thursday is ready to go back to the Real World, and get her husband reactualized. Only the diplomatic skills of ace literary detective Thursday Next can avert a devastating fforxe war.