Anthony Swofford, Writer: Jarhead. Anthony Swofford was born on August 12, in Fairfield, California, USA. He is a writer and producer, known for Jarhead . [last lines]. Anthony ‘Swoff’ Swofford: A story. A man fires a rifle for many years. and he goes to war. And afterwards he comes home, and he sees that whatever. In his New York Times bestselling chronicle of military life, Anthony Swofford weaves his experiences in war with vivid accounts of boot camp, reflections on the.

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Use the HTML below. So, I don’t know about this book.

He tells with stark honesty of life in the corps, the hard men living a hard life. I enjoyed this book as a whole but I did not always enjoy the frequent profanity that comes from the authenticity of the book. Fergus accidentally sets fire to a tent while cooking some sausages and ignites a crate of flares, waking the whole camp and enraging Staff Sergeant Sykes, awofford demotes Swofford from lance corporal to private and puts him on “shit-burning” detail. It was one misery upon an.

Anthony Swofford – IMDb

You must pay for jarhezd that you say. I guess all the jarheads must’ve had psychological disturbance, at least minor. I found similarities in the honesty of the prose and the perspective of a young man whose beliefs change as his life does.

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I don’t have a bugle, Staff Sergeant. Bored Gunny Lucas Black Nasty boot camps, vicious “battlefield”, and battlefield here includes the unfriendly desert weather, heavy, overloaded dysfunctional gears that have to be carried all the way during patrols, stupid COs who wanted their own glory, and of course, inevitable loneliness.


Swofford is a superbly accomplished reader as well, which made hearing the author’s presentation of his work doubly enjoyable. Jarhead isn’t overtly political, yet by evoking the almost surreal futility of men whose lust for victory through action is dashed, at every turn, by the tactics, terrain, and morality of the war they’re in, it sets up a powerfully resonant echo of the one we’re in today.

The killing machine who never actually killed

When the marines — or “jarheads,” as they call themselves — were sent in to Saudi Arabia to fight the Iraqis, Swofford was there, with a hundred-pound pack on his shoulders and a sniper’s rifle in his hands.

All and all, Jarhead was a good story to read once, but isn’t a story that you would keep on your bookshelf. His whole experience in coloured by power-hungry and vicious officers, rowdy nights out wwofford fellow Marines and of course, the in your face brutality of killing innocent people in Swotford. Photos 12 Quotes This is a hard, grim read in some ways, and a profoundly moving one in others. I don’t have a bugle.

So although Swofford draws conclusions I would not swofgord with, like how he hates war but still sees it as necessary, the reality of the story he tells leaves me with facts and anecdotes that hardens my own conclusions in that war is a brutal thing that only benefits the rulers who do not have to go to the front-line sswofford fight it and risk their own lives.

Half of it wasn’t necessary. It was that amazing. The acclaimed memoir from a Marine who served in Operation Desert Storm. A man fires a rifle for many years, and he goes to war.

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Because as long as we glamorize war, we don’t really comprehend it, and as long as we valorize the experiences of our soldiers, we won’t really be able to even begin to both honor their service and enfold them again into society.

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Jake Gyllenhaal: Anthony Swofford

I remember when that happened I always had admiration for the Marines, but I have some serious reservations about the Corp they call it “the suck” as described here. They have this “Hall of Shame” board where they put the photos of unfaithful wives and girlfriends.

Mar 24, Jessie added it. He was uncomfortable with the notion that jrahead was a hero, and deliberately missed the homecoming parade near his base. Field of FireJarhead 3: His description of life in the Desert and how people passed the time and coped with the seemingly never-ending waiting is interesting, enlighting and slightly disturbing.

What undermines these comparisons is not so much Swofford’s testosterone-injected writing, even though it lacks the free-spirited precision of, say, Herr’s Dispatches, but rather his distance from the conflict. The setting and feelings of the men are believable as well; there is nothing crazy or insane about what the men are feeling that doesn’t make sense. Instead, it is an often uncomfortable book. Archived from the original on