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Take million a lot of memoirs, he says, and you will find truth lying down with fiction. My thoughts are that Frey probably did exaggerate or simply make up some of the things he writes in A Million Little Pieces. I don’t wanna have to go through picking it apart, talking about what was changed and why.

When the book was finished, he touted it around various publishing houses in New York. Not that all of us jwmes. Lists with This Book. Frey’s entire work is hamstrung by a half-baked stream of consciousness style that is more often annoying than compelling.

In Septemberjamss book was picked as an Oprah’s Book Club selection, and shortly thereafter became the number one paperback non-fiction book on Amazon. However, if there is a sharp and important delineation in your mind between fiction and memoir, you’d probably better read this one as fiction. He or she is attempting an ‘eyewitness’ account of their own lived experience, and such an undertaking, based on individual memory, is simply not going to result in a ‘true’ story in the sense that the public seems to suddenly demand.


When you don’t think you can, hold on. My not caring is twofold.

The man who rewrote his life

Since the Smoking Gun report, it has been, he says slowly, a “very surreal six months, very strange. Sure, he made a lot of really weird style choices like random capitalizations and no indented paragraphswhich I found stupid and distracting. His arrival garners much confusion and pushback, as Frey expresses kkawakw that he did not belong or fit in amongst others who are at various stages of addiction. I attempted to rate it based on the way I felt upon completing it, and without the perspective I now have which is likely affected Original Review – edited slightly mostly for grammar in April 15, John Murray.

A Million Little Pieces – Wikipedia

I don’t think mililn fact he sold it as non-fiction when it wasn’t is the biggest deal but is it actually a good story? Open Preview See a Problem? It’s like the “You get what’s coming” ending.

I fondly remember lines like, “I endured, I endured, I fucking endured” and “a bayonet, an eight-foot bayonet, a fucking eight-foot bayonet” both during his traumatic root canal poor Jimmyand “Like a child being burned alive, a child being burned alive, a child being fucking burned alive,” Frey’s way of describing a grown man’s screaming at the top of his lungs. The memory of lived experience is distorted through so magch psychological lenses under the tamest of circumstances that it is hardly to be trusted; kawaakw memoir as a genre often deals with circumstances that are far from tame.

No, I didn’t demand a refund on my copy: I borrowed the book from a friend. You expect every single event. Mar 31, Dash rated it did not like it Recommends it for: A notable feature of Pieces is its lack of quotation marks to indicate direct quotes or dialogue.


Frey seems to ascribe his “success” to his adamant refusal to be a nice guy and listen to anyone else’s perspective.

A Million Little Pieces

But I believe it misguided to attempt to certify any memoir as objectively true, or to try to hold such work to the same standards that works of journalism or historical research are held to. And that is what this whole thing is about Frey’s former agent, Kassie Evashevski, has told Publishers Weekly that “it became impossible for me to maintain a relationship once the trust had been broken. In this climate, the discovery that what appeared to be still-bloody fact was in truth a “manipulated text”, as Frey terms it, proved deeply unsettling to many.

I want something anything whatever however as much as I can. Be it drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, or other vices, Frey’s narrative can touch the heart of the attentive and non-judgmental reader. We read the newspapers and newsweeklies with an expectation of a high level of concrete factual reporting, backed up by carefully-researched and scrupulously-verified evidence and testimony.

Random House and Oprah kind of had to play both sides of the issue, because both sides were going to buy, buy, buy.