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DEvathaa prathidha sadaa One who is always liked by devas Lokanadho Lord of the earth 10 Neeladreesa God of the blue mountain Dehadhaari He who sports a body Vayu moorthi One who is the form of wind It is believed God himself came in the form of an artist to carve the statue.

Kesava He in whom Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva reside Through his illusion and trick all moving and not moving thingsAnd all men and animals are confused by desire.


Maharshi The great sage KOti Bhaskara samjyothi He who has the luster of billion suns Bhava Lord Shiva or he who is excellent The names of Jagannadha which are holy and auspicious.

Surapathi Lord of sabasranama Bhoothapathi Lord of earth Kama Vallabha Lord of love God Na apavadham na dukham cha kadhaa cha labhathe naraSArva soukhyam phalam praapya Chiram jeevi bhaveth nara. Deva kartha He who created activated the devas East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion.

Swaroopa druk He who shows his form Sripathi The Consort of Lakshmi The God instructed the king to collect the wodden piece sent by him to carve out the idol of the god. Ghanaghana samudhyuthi He who lifted a thick mountain Ravi Sun God Hari He who is Lord Vishnu Yugantha The end of the time Dharma Kruthi Good act Mahabudhi The great intelligence Dehadhari He who has takes human form Write a customer review.

Krupa Sindhu Ocean of mercy Nrusimha Incarnation of man lion Exchange offer not applicable. Kandharpa God of love Nithya He who is forever Devaki Puthra The son of Devaki And the man would get billion times the effect of that And the blessed names of Jagananadha also would yield good results.


Possibly a part of it is missing and I could locate only names. Please click here to manage your MP3 cart content.

Jagannnath Nayaka The Lord of Rathi Dwibuja He who has two hands Sadhu bhakthi pradayaka He who gives devotion to good people New product price is lower than exchange product price.