High inside a secret mountain fortress, the Nizari Ismaili, a small Muslim sect, struck The original ‘Assassins’: Medieval warriors of Alamut. The Ismaili Assassins has 54 ratings and 9 reviews. Steve said: Legend has it that high inn the hills of Persia there existed lush castles with fragrant. A small Shiite sect more properly known as the Nizari Ismailis, the Assassins were relatively few, geographically dispersed, and despised as.

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Not all that different from Bernard Lewis’ some five decades ago but still interesting for all of that.

The stories of the Assassins were further embellished by Marco Polo. The Secret Order of Assassins: The pottery kilns in the valley of Andij in the Alamut valley. List of Ismaili castles. The book gives an excellent history of this secretive group.

Holy Terror: The Rise of the Order of Assassins | HistoryNet

Hasan was an extraordinary figure—reminiscent of Vladimir I. Another area that Hasan identified as potentially receptive to Ismailism was Kuhistan, a ismali region in eastern Persia of low mountains and oasis towns surrounded by the Great Salt Desert. By demographic By status Administrative detainee Alien illegal immigrant refugee Citizen dual or multiple native-born naturalized second-class Convicted Migrant worker Political prisoner Stateless.

Although the “Fida’yin” were the lowest rank in Sabbah’s order and were only used as expendable pawns to do the Grandmaster’s bidding, much time and many resources were put into training them. Mahdi’s life was spared, and he later received 3, gold Dinars in compensation. Iwmaili when the Khrarazin were destroyed and the Mongoils made their way to Baghdad, under Helegu Khanwould later betray the assassins and force them to leave their castles, in Persia.


Being much weaker than their main adversaries in conventional military terms, the Asasssins relied on guerrilla warfare that included espionage, infiltration of enemy territory, and targeted killings of enemy leaders.

Although their empire was destroyed in the assasins Century, have a controversial legacy which still resonates in the world today. Idries Shaha sufi scholar using Arkon Daraul as a pen namedescribed them as ‘druggers’ that used hashish “in stupefying candidates for the ephemeral visit to paradise “. One of the least known groups that is shrouded with mystery. In practice however, they were no more immoral or cruel than their contemporaries.

History of Nizari Ismailism – Wikipedia

Few people know the truth about the enigmatic organization known as the Assassins, an underground group of political killers, they were ready to kill Christians and Muslims alike with complete disregard for the consequences of their actions. Inunder the regime of the then President Idi AminIsma’ilis and other Asians were expelled from Uganda despite being citizens of the country and having ismajli there for generations.

A Radical Sect in Islamp. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. The History of Nizari Isma’ilism from the founding of Islam covers a period of over years. Planning of programs and institutions became increasingly difficult due to the rapid changes in newly emerging post colonial nations where many of his followers resided.

Usmaili try again later. In short I recommend this book to any reader interested in Islam and the modern conflict between radical Islam and the West. Kanokporn May rated it really liked it Nov 03, As their star rose, the Fatimids established their capital in Cairo and developed an institutional infrastructure to direct and support their missionary efforts abroad.


Who Were the Assassins?

Indeed many smaller non arabic groups would adopt Islam, or variations there of as a way to bolster ethnic identity. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. The only way to reach the castle—a steep and exposed track that snaked up a series of switchbacks to its gateway—could be defended by a handful of men, while its summit commanded a panorama of breathtaking sweep and grandeur.

Giving of one’s competence, sharing one’s time, material or intellectual ability with those among whom one lives, for the relief of hardship, pain ismaaili ignorance is a deeply ingrained tradition which shapes the social conscience of the Isma’ili Muslim community.

For the most part, the Assasskns maintained full control over these fortresses until —73 when the Mamluk sultan Baibars annexed them. The Seljuks picked off the Assassin strongholds in southwest Persia, and they recaptured the Assassin fortress of Shahdiz outside Isfahan after a protracted and hard-fought siege.

Aristocracy Hanseaten Patrician Royal family. Owing to the difficult situation in which the Ismailis were placed, their system of self-defence took a peculiar form.

The first instance of murder in the effort to establish a Nizari Ismaili state in Persia is widely considered to be the assassiins of Seljuq vizierNizam al-Mulk.

But he discovered that the bulk of the garrison now answered to Hasan, not to him. Aug 04, Vinayak Malik rated it liked it. Apr 08, Saltinbas rated it it was amazing.