None – Apple’s Mac OS X Desktop. All Platforms for Inkscape This lists all platforms for the selected release. None – bit architecture.

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This also means that scripting extensions are executed in a separate process asynchronously allowing the GTK main loop to continue to execute. With the Close gaps parameter, you can make the Paint Bucket tool ignore any gaps in the area boundaries that would normally cause the fill to spill out of the desired area.

These are bugfixes compared to 0.

If you drag close enough to the swatch, each small movement results in a big change of the color. There are currently six path editing modes in the Tweak tool: The Gears effect is a toy effect. Faster blur for exporting and high quality on-screen rendering: If you need a finer adjustment, just drag farther away from the swatch, towards the center of the Inkscape window or even to its upper right corner, where minute movements will produce very small changes in the color.

Tiny setting on palette larger than small. The Shift tab of the Tile Clones dialog has two new options: An old bug is fixed: This uses each object’s export hints i. When you create a new marker, Inkscape uses the rotation center of the first selected object as the anchor point, i. Insecure temporary file use in OCAL code. For example, if you want to color the fills of objects blue but leave their strokes untouched, assign blue fill to the tool’s style just click blue on the palette but set its stroke to None middle-click the Stroke swatch in the statusbar.


A better fix for the problem is planned. Since a few versions ago, Inkscape supports patterns in fill and stroke.

Inkscape released []

Only nodes at non-smooth parts of a path now snap. With the several new tools added in this version, this may help users with small screens where the toolbar otherwise may not fit vertically. Onkscape, using this tool is very similar to a soft brush in a raster editor such as Gimp or Photoshop. If you want to use it, you have to ensure that you have the legal right to do so and that you do not infringe any trademark rights.

Release Notes

When any of the text contained in the referred element changes, the tref will immediately be updated to display the new data. Channel extracts the specified channel from the bitmap.

nikscape For time-intensive operations such as Paint Bucket and Simplify, the system’s busy wait cursor is displayed to indicate to the user that Inkscape is actively working, and not frozen. A new checkbox allows inkkscape to hide in the exported image everything except selected object s.

Drawings containing patterns or scatterings of small independent objects are best suited for color painting with Tweak tool. Resizing dialogs that are placed in the dock can be a bit slow and quirky. The bug where “node-to-node” snapping caused jerky movement of nodes is fixed.

: Series x : Inkscape

Inkscape’s dialog handling has been reworked in this release to allow dialogs to behave like dockable panels. In the SVG file, this is done using the optional “icc-color Crash when recreating grid using ‘redo’. There are four settings to auto gap: A new preference option has been added to specify the kind of bounding box to be used for transforming objects see Inkscape Preferences, Tools, Selector. For example, you could have a zoomed-out “overview” view without grids showing.


Paint Bucket’s perceptual fill can use either all visible colors or specific color channels. Move a 3D box “in perspective” by dragging its center; without modifiers, movement occurs within the XY-plane press Ctrl to constrain the movement to the directions of the coordinate axes or diagonalswith Shift the box moves parallel to the Z-axis.

The Duplicate button is therefore removed. The attachment to the guide path is not absolute.

Grids, guides, snapping Grids Grids have undergone some big changes under-the-hood. The Pattern along Path effect can curve a path along another path. Now it is guaranteed to pan the canvas all the way from mouse-press point to mouse-release point in any case, even if sometimes it fails to show the intermediate positions. In particular, this fixes the annoying latency issue where a node or a handle could follow mouse cursor even after inkdcape release mouse button after a drag.

The statusbar tells the name of the parameters that is currently being shown. If more than one filter is in use by selected objects, an unfilled dot is used instead.